How to Get Great Cleavage with Breast Augmentation
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How to Get Great Cleavage with Breast Augmentation

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Recently at the Plastic Surgery Clinic, Dr. Frank Lista performed a transaxillary breast augmentation with a fat transfer. In non-surgeon speak, this basically means that he performed a breast augmentation with an incision made under the armpit—a popular option—as there is either no scar, or it is almost imperceptible because the incision heals so well in the area. Fun fact: scars actually heal better in areas where we have hair growing.

The Secret to Cleavage with Breast Implants

So what was that fat transfer part? Well, this is actually the really interesting part of the surgery. Dr. Lista removed a small amount of fat from the patient’s hips via liposuction, harvested it, and then re-injected it into key areas of the breast before inserting the breast implant. Why? CLEAVAGE. The result was truly amazing. A super natural look, but also a completely different kind of look than if the patient had received implants alone.

If you’re interested in breast augmentation and cleavage, you’ve probably researched a lot of material but more likely than not, you haven’t come across this method of achieving your desired look. It’s not the most well known option, and it may not be the best solution in every situation. But for the right patient and the right case, and most importantly, in experienced surgical hands, this option can produce beautiful results.

In this particular case, the patient was quite thin and naturally lean. One of her primary areas of concern was the natural amount of space between her breasts, which was an impediment to achieving the look she wanted. Dr. Lista explained that in this patient’s particular case and given her anatomy, this wider gap and angular structure in the chest area would not be resolved with implants alone. As part of her breast augmentation procedure, fat transfer would make all the difference.

Of course, this may not be the option for everyone, but it’s worth asking about when you see your surgeon. There are other ways to improve cleavage with breast augmentation. It depends on a lot of factors, like your anatomy, as with this patient, but it also depends on what you’re talking about when you say you want more cleavage.

What type of cleavage are you interested in?

Some people want more cleavage at the top of their breasts to create more upper pole fullness and this can be done via implant placement or by implant size. Some people look for medial cleavage, where the breasts are placed closer together at the midline. And some people want both.

But some people don’t want a large implant and would still like to improve their cleavage. This is where Dr. Lista’s recent breast augmentation with fat transfer option is one to consider because it can give you cleavage without a huge implant, and produce a really natural and great result.

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