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What Time of Year is Best for Aesthetic Surgery?

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Choosing the right time for cosmetic surgery is something our patients are always concerned with at The Plastic Surgery Clinic. There are pros and cons to any time of the year. And truly, there is no “perfect” time to get surgery.

The reality for most surgical procedures is that you’ll be off work and most parental duties for a full week (some procedures like tummy tuck or Brazilian butt lift require closer to two weeks off). You can resume most of your normal activities after 2 weeks and by a month you’ll be back heavy lifting in the gym, if that’s your thing.

What we know for sure is that you’ll absolutely love your result—it’s just a matter of picking the right time for you. So we’ve put together a list of pros and cons for having surgery in every season to help figure out what will work best for your routine.

Cosmetic surgery in the summer (i.e. NOW!)


  • work tends to be a little slower in the summer and it’s easier to get time off
  • you get to show off your new look at all those backyard get togethers
  • a week of R&R at the cottage sounds pretty damn good
  • it’s slightly easier to get an appointment at The Plastic Surgery Clinic in the summer 😉


  • some summer schedules are SO packed that patients can’t find a single week that will allow them to recover on their own
  • kids are off school and if they aren’t enrolled in camp, getting childcare for that week off could be hard
  • your surgery may require wearing a garment for a week or longer, which could be a challenge to conceal when it’s hot

Plastic surgery in the fall or spring


  • kids are in school so childcare is for the most part taken care of
  • covering up a garment is easy
  • social calendars are not too crazy


  • it’s a pretty busy time at the clinic, so make sure you get in for your consult early if you want to book during this time
  • it tends to be a very hectic time for most businesses, so getting time off work could be more of a challenge
  • it can feel like more of a drag to recover when the weather isn’t great

Having your surgery in the winter


  • childcare is taken care of
  • lots of time for healing and recovery while we are hibernating in doors (a natural fit)
  • you get used to your new look before debuting it in the spring or summer


  • both work and social calendars are very busy in November/December (hello, holidays!)
  • many patients would prefer to take a week away in the sun, as opposed to a week away at home, recovering from surgery
  • getting out for a walk for some variety during your week off is nice, and this can be trickier to do in the winter thanks to the weather

What’s the best option for you? Book your consult now and we can help you pick the best time for your surgery, depending on your life and your goals. We can’t wait to be part of your transformation.

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