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Scarless Breast Implants

small incision breast implants for results with minimal scarring

Like the name implies, scarless breast augmentation is ideal for minimizing the appearance of scars on or around the breast after breast implant incisions have healed. If you ask anyone who is considering the procedure about her wish list, minimal-to-no scarring is bound to be one of her priorities, and rightfully so. When your goal is to make an improvement to your body, it’s natural to fear that the appearance of scars might undo your efforts. This procedure works around the need for larger incisions under the breast or around the nipple and augments the breast through tiny openings in discreet areas.

Now you might be thinking, “this is sounds perfect for me – sign me up right now!” But as with any surgical procedure, there are a few factors we need to consider. It’s the golden rule of cosmetic surgery: make the best decisions before you make the incisions.

First, I should note that the ‘scarless’ breast implant isn’t completely without scars. Incisions still need to be made but the scars are strategically placed either in the armpit or the navel and they are well concealed for the full recovery time and thereafter. After the incision is made we use an endoscope to create a space behind the pectoralis muscle to insert the implant. Generally we do not place the implant in front of the muscle as this has more risk factors and may cause some rippling in the implant. We then place an empty implant into the space and fill it from the outside with saline solution.

This brings me to the next requirement for the scarless breast implant; it must be a saline implant. If you are looking for a ‘gummy bear’ implant, technically known as the cohesive gel implant, it cannot go through the navel and the incisions may have to be slightly larger. We can still insert cohesive gel implants through the armpit, however, with the use of the Keller Funnel. This surgery is called Small Scar Cohesive Gel Augmentation and is an excellent choice for those who are ideal candidates for a cohesive gel implant. The recovery time and risks associated with the scarless breast implant are the same as any other implant. After 5 or 6 days you will be able to resume your daily activities but you may still have some swelling and soreness.

This surgical technique is great for so many reasons, and it just might be perfect for you. Even if it isn’t, there are numerous other techniques we can use for breast augmentation that will look natural, beautiful, and leave you feeling confident.


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