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Dr. Lista Presents Research to International Audience in Brussels

Dr. Lista International Lecture

  • The beautiful conference venue for CATBBAS II in Brussels


Dr. Lista spent this past weekend in Brussels, Belgium, as an invited faculty member at CATBBAS II: Controversies, Art and Technology in Breast & Body Contour Aesthetic Surgery. Organized by the Department of Plastic Surgery at Brussels University Hospital and the Coupure Centrum for Plastic Surgery in Ghent, the event brought together renowned plastic surgeons from all over the world to present their research and expertise on body contouring procedures. This is the largest scientific conference in breast and body contouring aesthetic surgery in Europe and its speakers offer insights into surgical techniques that use the latest technology available.

As the only plastic surgeon from Canada invited to present at the conference, Dr. Lista was able to share a unique perspective on technological advances and trends in North America. Because of the numerous journal publications authored by Dr. Lista and Dr. Ahmad at The Plastic Surgery Clinic, Dr. Lista was asked to present on two topics of expertise: tummy tuck and breast reduction.

On the first day, Dr. Lista presented a lecture titled “Out patient abdominoplasty: Faster, Safer and Drain Free” about his innovative technique for tummy tuck surgery with no drain. In previous methods of tummy tuck, a space was left open and unattached between the skin and the muscle where fluid could collect. Because this often hinders the healing process, surgeons would prevent this by inserting small tubes (or drains) into the area to remove excess fluid and help to reduce swelling. Understanding that living with these drains several days post-operation could be both inconvenient and uncomfortable for his patients, Dr. Lista and the team at The Plastic Surgery Clinic developed a new technique called Progressive Tension Abdominoplasty. This method closes the area between skin and muscle using a special kind of internal stitch and does not allow fluid to accumulate in the first place. It means that our tummy tuck patients have a higher degree of comfort after surgery and it enables them to heal faster. Because of his high level of skill and knowledge in this area, Dr. Lista is frequently invited to share his expertise around the world.

Dr. Lista presented another lecture titled “Vertical Scar Breast Reduction: The 10 Steps to Success” and discussed his and Dr. Ahmad’s research on vertical scar breast reduction. Traditional breast reduction involves an anchor-shaped incision that leaves a scar around the edge of the areola, straight down toward the bra crease, with a longer scar along the bra crease itself. Dr. Lista and Dr. Ahmad have helped pioneer a technique known as vertical scar breast reduction that eliminates this last incision and leaves the patient with much less scarring. Their extensive research on breast reduction has shown that that the vertical scar technique has been applied to breast reductions of all sizes and has consistently produced good breast shape with an operation that is shorter to perform and leaves fewer scars. They are often invited to lecture on this topic to explain how the technique is straightforward and easy to learn, and to share their conclusive proof that it offers a safe, effective, and predictable result with better long-lasting effects. Read more about their groundbreaking research on breast reduction and their unique mastery of repeat breast reduction.


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