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The Best Technique for Repeat Breast Reduction Surgery

reduction mammoplastyIf you ask someone to name a plastic surgery procedure, the first thing they’ll likely think of is breast augmentation. While breast augmentation remains the most popular procedure year after year, it’s only one part of the complex field of breast surgery, which also encompasses breast lift, reconstruction, reduction and more. Here at The Plastic Surgery Clinic we perform about 200 breast reduction surgeries per year, making it a really common procedure where we have a lot of experience and a high level of expertise. Here’s something you might not know: following an initial breast reduction, there is a small group of women who require a second procedure due to recurring symptoms. It might happen infrequently, but that doesn’t change the fact that we want to ensure that these women receive the highest level of care possible. We’ve conducted and published substantial research on repeat breast reduction surgery to make sure we can deliver on that promise.

So why do women opt for breast reduction surgery in the first place? Well, some women with large, heavy breasts suffer from back, neck, and shoulder discomfort or pain. Sometimes this causes pain in the breasts, skin irritation, and bra strap grooving at the shoulders. Some women also feel uncomfortable with the proportion of their bodies and simply desire smaller, lighter, and firmer breasts to feel more at ease in their own skin. During the surgery fat, glandular tissue, and skin are removed from the breasts to address the excess volume. The nipple is moved to a more appropriate higher placement and sometimes the size of the areola is reduced to create the most natural looking result possible.

In all of our experience treating over 2,500 women from Toronto and across Canada, Dr. Ahmad and I have pioneered a revolutionary technique to reduce the scarring that used to be associated with breast reduction. We use what’s known as the vertical scar breast reduction technique (sometimes called short scar or lollipop scar) and thanks to our vast experience and research, we’ve published several articles in prestigious academic journals and we’ve been invited to lecture about it around the world. We love this technique because it requires fewer incisions, which means less scarring, and leads to better long-term results – two major factors that are so important to our patients.

Back to that small group that sometimes requires a secondary procedure. These are women who find that their breasts become enlarged again due to age-related or childbirth-related breast changes and weight gain. This group can also include women who are unsatisfied with their first procedure if there was an inadequate level of volume reduction or if their result is asymmetrical. Historically, repeat breast reduction has been associated with a higher complication rate. Thanks to our research, we’ve found that our repeat breast reduction technique with vertical scar and extensive liposuction achieves amazing, natural looking results with none of these major complications. Even better, we determined that this method is a very safe technique to use even when the technique in the first surgery is unknown. This is important because women who are unsatisfied with their first procedure are not always comfortable returning to their same surgeon for the secondary procedure. If they’re coming to us and we don’t know the exact method that was initially used, we know that our technique will still produce safe, predictable, and natural results. If you’d like to know more, you can take a look at our seminal scientific journal article on repeat breast reduction surgery.

The way that a woman feels about her breasts can have an effect on her overall well-being. We want to deliver results that will make her feel great about herself, and beyond that, our commitment to research means that we will do so in the safest way possible with the highest level of care.


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