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A Record Number of Journal Articles Published by Our Surgeons

dr-lista-dr-ahmad-journal-articlesAs July draws to a close, we’re pleased to look back at a record-breaking month for The Plastic Surgery Clinic. Because we are one of the largest and busiest plastic surgery clinics in Canada, it’s true that Dr. Lista and Dr. Ahmad are frequently very busy meeting with patients for consultations and performing complex surgeries in the operating room. But another important component of their work is keeping up with the latest published research and contributing their own studies to scientific journals. They evaluate the results they have achieved to ensure that their techniques and approaches guarantee the highest safety standards possible for their patients and share this knowledge with other surgeons around the world to help improve patient safety everywhere and to help more patients achieve the best results possible.

This July, Drs. Lista and Ahmad accomplished a significant research feat by publishing three separate journal articles in the same month. This impressive achievement has distinguished them as leading surgeons with unparalleled experience.

Their first article on aesthetic labiaplasty was published by the Aesthetic Surgery Journal. Labiaplasty is a procedure that has become more and more popular over time, and as a result, questions pertaining to its safety and effectiveness continue to be raised. Because there are very few published studies that evaluate the results of this surgery, many women and health organizations are uncertain of its efficacy and have concerns about potential complications. Because of this, our plastic surgeons performed a study of 113 of their patients over the past 7 years to help expand the body of knowledge surrounding this procedure. They conclusively proved that the technique used at The Plastic Surgery Clinic maintains a very low complication rate and provides satisfying outcomes for patients. Read more about this study here.

Dr. Lista and Dr. Ahmad have established themselves as worldwide leaders in cosmetic breast surgery, and their second article provides yet another indication of that status. As a follow up to a prior study they published in 2006, their new article on vertical scar breast reduction explains how they have continued to refine their surgical techniques and the modifications they have made to improve the outcomes they are able to achieve and the reliability of the procedure. This latest research, published in the highly esteemed Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, will allow surgeons around the world to benefit from their advances and patients everywhere will experience a safer, state-of-the-art procedure that produces better results with reliable outcomes. Read more about this breast reduction article.

Finally, the third article addresses ways to improve the wound healing complication rates of patients who undergo body contouring procedures after weight loss surgery. Patients who have successfully lost weight after bariatric surgery are often left with excessive loose skin once the weight is gone. Studies have shown that those who choose to undergo body contouring procedures have a better chance of keeping the weight off, maintaining a healthy BMI, and reporting an improved quality of life. Unfortunately, high wound healing complication rates continue to be a problem for these patients. Drs. Lista and Ahmad conclusively proved that these specific complication rates could be improved in these patients if they were administered a protein supplement before and after surgery. The results are an impressive and significant reduction in the infection rate—down to zero. Find out more about this groundbreaking study here.


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