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New Breast Reduction Article by Drs. Lista & Ahmad Published in PRS Journal

vertical-scar-breast-reduction-articleIn 2006, Dr. Lista and Dr. Ahmad published an article on breast reduction surgery describing their innovative use of the vertical scar technique. Unlike previous approaches to breast augmentation, the vertical scar method reduces the number of incisions required for the procedure, leaving the patient with much less scarring. Since publishing their initial article, our plastic surgeons have continued to refine their technique, making modifications to improve both the reliability of the procedure and the outcomes they are able to achieve. As a result, they are proud to announce the publication of an updated article detailing their modifications, which has recently been published in the highly esteemed Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Since 1989, Dr. Lista and Dr. Ahmad have performed vertical scar breast reduction on over 3000 patients. Their exceptional level of experience has distinguished them as experts in the field. While their initial article published 9 years ago established their reputation and helped revolutionize the technique used in breast reduction surgery, this latest published research will enable doctors around the world to benefit from their continued refinements. In turn, patients everywhere will have the advantage of undergoing a safer, state-of-the-art procedure that produces better results and reliable outcomes.

This latest publication firmly entrenches our surgeons as worldwide leaders in cosmetic breast surgery. Their contributions to peer reviewed journals and continued research on the subjects of breast reduction, breast augmentation, and breast lift have solidified their status as surgical experts. It’s why they are so frequently invited to present their research at conferences and universities around the world, and why their practice has grown to become one of the biggest and busiest in Canada.

To review the complete article, please click here.


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