Thread Lifting & Morpheus8: is a non-surgical facelift possible?
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Thread Lifting vs. Morpheus8 for Non-Surgical Lift

We’re all aware of the fact that over time the skin on our faces eventually goes lax and begins to give way to gravity. It’s a totally natural process, but perhaps not one of our favourite ones. The development of loose and sagging skin can happen anywhere on the face but tends to be more pronounced in the lower half of the face and neck. In addition, you may find some extra fat in these areas that can make the skin sag even more.

Naturally, the first thought that might come to mind, is that this is it, this is the moment you need to start considering the facelift. Maybe, or maybe you’re not quite there yet. Or maybe overall skin laxity isn’t a huge concern but you’re looking for a little lift in order to define your facial features. In cases like these, we’re happy to report that there are non-surgical options you can look into.

We’ve recently added two great non-surgical treatments, the thread lift and Morpheus8, that address skin laxity and offer a natural and subtle lift to the face. Just as our patients are unique, so are these treatments in the ways in which they target skin laxity, and one approach might be better for your particular needs than the other, so we thought we’d break the two treatments down for you here.

How Thread Lifting Works

What we love about thread lifting is that it’s a super versatile treatment that can address pretty much any area of the face where you might need a subtle lift.

The thread lift works by inserting threads under the surface of the skin and strategically manoeuvring them in order to lift the skin in target areas.

And when we say thread lifts are versatile, we mean it. They can address skin laxity around the eyebrows, under the eyes, around the nose, but also the areas where gravity tends to strike hardest, around the cheeks, the jowls, the jawline, and of course the neck. Because the threads not only lift but also tighten the skin, they can also address crow’s feet and marionette lines, smoothing out areas where we often find fine lines and unwanted creases.

The science behind the thread lift magic is such that the threads basically hold your skin in place until your body builds up enough collagen and elastin in order to do the work itself. Because your body treats threads as a foreign entity, it awakens its need to heal and produces all the good stuff, namely collagen, to keep your skin looking smooth and healthy. So even though your threads will dissolve within 6-9 months, your result will be maintained for a little over a year.

This is a great treatment for patients who have mild to moderate skin laxity and some fine lines and wrinkles, who don’t need filler, but could use a little bit of a lift in order to rejuvenate their look.

Morpheus8 for Lifting and Tightening the Skin

We’re pretty sure we’ve said this before, but we’ll never get tired of saying it: Morpheus8 is a pretty amazing treatment. We’re big fans of it because it’s actually a treatment that pretty much anyone can benefit from for overall skin rejuvenation as it has the capability to address a number of skin concerns.

That said, let’s focus on the one we’re talking about at the moment. Morpheus8 pairs microneedling with radiofrequency (RF) technology offering a combination of deep fractional skin resurfacing and skin remodeling. So when we’re talking about addressing skin laxity, because of the radiofrequency heat that Morpheus8 employs, it has the capability to shrink tissue thereby tightening it, as well as melt small pockets of unwanted fat.

It’s particularly effective in lifting the skin in the lower half of the face and neck—we’re talking the jowls, contouring the jawline, and lifting areas of the neck where it tends to sag.

Not only does Morpheus8 lift and remodel the skin, but because it delivers RF energy via tiny microabrasions to the skin, it also stimulates the body’s wound healing response, which is what gets it to produce collagen and elastin, two key components that will maintain your result for a long period of time.

We typically see optimal results after a series of 3 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart, and then recommend annual maintenance treatments.

When is the facelift the best option?

An important thing to keep in mind is that both the thread lift and Morpheus8 are really suited for patients with mild to moderate skin laxity or jowling. Thread lifts can address most areas of the face, while Morpheus8 is more targeted and effective in the lower face and neck (but can also really effectively address other skin concerns such as textural irregularities and is a great weapon against acne and acne scarring).

However, if you’re looking to address more severe loose or sagging skin, this might mean that the underlying muscles in your face have begun to weaken, in this case we may suggest a facelift or mini-facelift depending on your needs, as only surgery can address and tighten the underlying muscles of the face and neck. Neither the thread lift or Morpheus8 will give you as dramatic and long lasting result as a facelift, but they certainly stave off the need for surgical intervention, if you’re not quite ready for it or the right candidate for it yet.

We’re always here for you if you’re not quite sure which procedure surgical or non-surgical will best address your skin needs. So don’t hesitate to come chat with us or visit us for a free consultation to find out which treatment plan will be best for you.

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