The COVID-19 Vaccine & Your Surgery or Non-Surgical Treatment
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COVID-19 Vaccine & Your Surgery or Non-Surgical Treatment

With more and more people getting vaccinated (YAY!) and things slowly but surely heading back towards a return to “normal” post-pandemic life, we’re getting a lot of questions about how to schedule surgery or a non-surgical treatment around getting vaccinated, and whether it’s safe to have surgery or a treatment after being vaccinated.

These are great questions and super important, so we thought we’d answer them here as comprehensively as possible.

We’ll preface this by saying that public health policies and recommendations are always changing to adapt to new information, research and conditions within our communities. What happens at one clinic may not be the same as what happens at the next. And our policies may change over time.

Do I need to be vaccinated before my surgery?

We do not require that you be vaccinated prior to your surgery. That being said, you are required to receive a negative COVID-19 test prior to your surgery and to self isolate from the date of your test until the date of your surgery.

Do I need to take a COVID-19 test before surgery?

Yes. Whether you are vaccinated or not, at The Plastic Surgery Clinic we do require that our patients take a COVID test one week prior to their scheduled surgery and we require a negative result. We also require that you self-isolate after your test until the time of your surgery. This means no grocery shopping, no seeing friends, no going to work or interacting with anyone outside of your immediate household.

What happens if I have a positive COVID test?

If you have a positive COVID result, we will reschedule your surgery. We typically require a waiting period of approximately 2-3 weeks following a positive test result and then we ask the patient to take another test 1 week prior to their re-scheduled surgery.

How long do I have to wait before I have surgery after I’ve been vaccinated?

You do not need to wait to have your surgery after being vaccinated. But remember, you will be required to take a COVID-19 test a week in advance of your surgery and then isolate during that time, so please do not schedule your vaccine within this window of time. And keep in mind that you’ll need to take a full week (or two) off of work and your regular routine after your surgery. We recommend not scheduling your vaccine the week immediately after your surgery. After your week long healing period is over, you are in the clear.

Is it safe to have surgery after my COVID vaccine? 

Yes. Absolutely. As long as you’re feeling fine, having surgery after your COVID vaccine is totally safe. There are generally no contraindications when it comes to surgery and vaccinations.

Do I need to be vaccinated if I’m coming in for a non-surgical treatment?

We do not currently require our patients to be vaccinated to undergo a non-surgical treatment.

Is it safe to get vaccinated and get a Botox treatment on the same day or soon after?

Yes. There are no contraindications for Botox and the COVID vaccine. One absolutely does not affect the other. However, we are being extra cautious with filler treatments in the 4 week period surrounding your vaccination.

How should I time my filler treatment around my COVID vaccine?

Patients who want to undergo facial filler should wait 2 weeks before and after their vaccine due to the potential for swelling and inflammation of the hyaluronic acid in the filler. This is a rare and temporary side effect, but we’d rather not put you through it if we don’t have to. This is true for other treatments that include hyaluronic acid, such as beauty boosters that are used in some microneedling treatments.

Besides filler treatments, are there any other non-surgical treatments that I need to be careful in scheduling when it comes to timing with my COVID vaccine?

No. All other non-surgical treatments, whether they be microneedling or skin resurfacing treatments, CoolSculpting or FaceTite, laser treatments etc. don’t need to be timed with your vaccine in any way. The COVID vaccine will not in any way affect the results of these treatments.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the timing of your vaccine and your surgery or non-surgical treatment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re here to answer all of your questions.

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