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The “Drop and Fluff” Breast Implant Phenomenon

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If you’ve undergone a breast augmentation, or even if you’ve just started doing research about it, you might have heard the term “drop and fluff.” Sounds a little funny, right? But this phrase actually means pretty much what it implies: it’s about a process the implants go through after surgery. As much as patients might want to see their final results immediately after their operation, it takes time for the implants to settle or drop.

Sometimes, a few short days after breast augmentation surgery, you might look at your result in the mirror and not feel the excitement you expected—this isn’t quite the outcome you wanted. But don’t panic! It’s a completely normal part of the recovery process and, with a bit of time, you’re going to see your real result develop.

After you undergo breast augmentation surgery, your breasts will appear high, swollen, and tight (also known as “Torpedo Breasts,” according to Post-Op Nurse Lori). It’s normal for all breasts to sit higher and seem a little bit smaller after surgery because they haven’t had time to “drop and fluff” as your tissue heals and relaxes after your operation.

The “Drop” after surgery is in reference to the skin stretching and the muscles relaxing. Over time, this will shift the implant downwards and outwards, causing that seemingly high initial placement to drop.

The “Fluff” refers to the implants filling in the lower breast tissue, mostly below the nipple. After swelling subsides, as the tissue heals and relaxes, your breasts will start to appear larger and softer.

You’ll also notice after a couple of weeks, your breasts will begin to soften and relax more and more. Following your surgeon’s instructions for recovery is so important because it will help you achieve a great result.

Patients need to understand that this process takes time but that their implants will fall into place and the skin will soften and relax. As time goes on, the lower part of the breast begins to project more and take on a more natural-looking breast.

To help this process along, after surgery Nurse Lori will help teach you the correct way to massage your breasts that will assist the implants to settle into the breast pocket. When you hear the term “drop and fluff,” Lori wants you to think “settle and soften!”

With time, you’re going to love your result. We can’t wait to help you along your journey.

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