Our Surgeons Publish Important Abdominoplasty Research
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Our Surgeons Publish Important Abdominoplasty Research

Drs. Lista and Ahmad in Aesthetic Surgery Journal article

We perform as many as 300 tummy tuck procedures per year. What sets us apart that allows us to complete such a high volume of surgeries? Beyond the natural results our surgeons achieve using the highest level of care available, we’re also at the forefront of surgical research. With a focus on body contouring, Dr. Lista and Dr Ahmad were featured in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal publishing a peer reviewed article on drainless tummy tucks using barbed progressive tension sutures.

Our doctors have been performing this procedure since 2009 and have found many benefits for it. This abdominoplasty technique is used to help improve abdominal contouring while minimizing complications.

The most common complication after abdominoplasties is seroma, which is a collection of fluid that builds up under the surface of your skin. Seromas typically require the use of drains, because the body has no way of draining any remaining post-operative surgical fluid.

As they examine in the article, this complication seems to increase with patient obesity, wide undermining, extensive use of cautery dissection, use of sharp liposuction cannulas, and the weight of skin removed. The reported average number of patients who deal with seroma formation is 10%. Many strategies have been considered to decrease seroma but as Dr. Lista and Dr. Ahmad explain, this technique is one of the safest and most effective ways to considerably reduce operative time and retain all of the benefits of the original progressive tension suture technique.

This article explains the various steps taken before, during and after this procedure, along with the technical strategies to limit complications of seroma formation.

Research and education is an integral part of our practice. We pride ourselves on our cutting edge approach and consistently work to make sure we are modernizing our techniques. Our doctors have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to each surgery and are always excited to share their experience in prestigious publications like the Aesthetic Surgery Journal for the benefit of doctors and patients around the world. We offer the best quality of care for our patients and make them feel at home here at the Plastic Surgery Clinic.

Read more from Dr. Lista and Dr. Ahmad about abdominoplasty using barbed progressive tension sutures in this important article.

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