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What is the Viveve Solution?

photo of a relaxed smiling womanVaginal laxity and urinary incontinence are two very under-discussed concerns of our female patients, especially for those who have experienced pregnancy and childbirth. More often than not, the women who visit us for these issues don’t actually expect us to have a solution for them (an effect, likely, of the limited discourse around the health of the post-partum body).

Patients are always enormously relieved to hear that we do, indeed, have a solution that can meet their needs. We can address these concerns both surgically and non-surgically thanks to a new device called the Viveve Solution.

Whether the surgical or non-surgical solution is recommended for you depends on a number of factors that your doctor will discuss with you. Prior to the development of the Viveve Solution, we didn’t have a reliable technique for tightening the vaginal walls non-surgically. This is a big deal, because not everyone wants, needs, or is physically able to undergo surgery. With the Viveve Solution, we’re able to treat mild to moderate urinary incontinence, as well as improve sexual sensation.

How does the Viveve Solution Work?

The Viveve Solution employs monopolar radio frequency to renew the tissue just inside the vaginal opening. As it works deep to restore collagen in this intimate area, it simultaneously delivers surface cooling to ensure the skin is not damaged, and that the patient is super comfortable throughout the treatment.

The treatment is only 30 minutes long, and typically only one treatment is required. We may recommend a yearly maintenance treatment, although that really depends on your specific needs. Full results are seen within 90 days, but many women report an immediate difference right after treatment.

Am I a Candidate?

To determine whether you are a candidate please come see us for a complimentary consultation. Anyone who has noticed increased vaginal laxity or is experiencing mild urinary incontinence can benefit from this treatment. You cannot undergo the Viveve Solution if you are currently breastfeeding or pregnant, or if you have a pacemaker, an open vaginal sore, a sexually transmitted infection, or a uterine prolapse.

What’s the recovery for this procedure?

The great thing about the Viveve Solution is that there is no downtime. A big drawback of surgical vaginal rejuvenation is that it’s surgery. There are real risks associated with undergoing general anaesthetic and an operation.

The Viveve Solution, meanwhile, is totally non-surgical, and you can be back at your desk or at home resuming your regular activities immediately following treatment. We do ask that you abstain from sexual intercourse for 48 hours post treatment.

Is it expensive?

The Viveve Solution is $3900, which is considerably less than the cost of surgery. We have flexible financing options available.

Does it hurt?

Thanks to the combination of gentle, short heat pulses and simultaneous cooling, the procedure is not at all painful. Every measure is taken to make sure that you are comfortable during the 30-minute long treatment. Please feel free to bring a book, an iPad, or a device on which you can listen to your own music. We can also loan you an iPad or reading material and turn the music in the treatment room to your favourite station.

When will I start noticing a difference?

Some women notice a difference right after treatment. Your condition will continue to improve in the months following treatment, with the full results being seen within 90 days.

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