A Newbie's Guide to Botox | 5 Tips for Best Results
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A Newbie’s Guide to Botox

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With Botox pegged as the fastest growing cosmetic procedure in the world, there are an increasing number of people getting the poke, and more and more clinics offering to perform it.

The procedure’s ubiquity has its pros and cons. More and more Botox injections being performed means an enhanced safety profile, better technique, and improved results. And yet, as more clinics start offering the procedure, it can be hard to discern who to trust, and who to avoid.

If you’re just starting out with Botox, read our top 5 tips for finding the best provider, and getting the best result.

1. Do your research

Achieving a balanced, natural result with Botox is both an art and a science. The injector requires an advanced knowledge of the facial anatomy, as well as a strong aesthetic eye for facial harmony. That’s why it’s probably best that you go to a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist to receive your injection.

Beware of anyone operating out of their home or other non-professional location, and avoid clinics without physician supervision. Botox is a drug injected with a needle and can have serious side effects. You want to go somewhere that will follow up with your care, and has your best interests at heart.

2. Don’t sacrifice quality for price

This is not the type of procedure you should shop around for. We’re talking about your face, after all! When you purchase Botox, you aren’t only purchasing the drug, you are purchasing the quality of care and the expertise of the injector. Cheaper in this situation does not mean better value.

3. Outline your expectations

Once you’ve selected your clinic and provider (nurse injectors are amazing, especially when under the instruction of a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist), it’s important to clearly outline your expectations. Do you want to have a lot of movement still? Are you looking to correct asymmetries? Show your injector what you want to enhance and what you want to downplay, and ensure to do that when your face is both moving, and at rest.

Keep in mind that no two faces are alike. If your girlfriend received 30 units, and you’re being recommended 50, don’t panic—your muscles may be stronger. But if you have concerns, be sure to raise them with your injector. A good injector will listen to your concerns and patiently explain their recommendations.

4. Follow before and after care instructions

Your injector will provide you with a set of before and after care instructions. Please follow them if you want to get the best result and to avoid bruising! This might mean not lying on your stomach or working out for a few hours after the treatment, so be sure to plan your appointment accordingly.

5. Know when to come back

Most reputable clinics will have you return for a follow up appointment 2 weeks post treatment so they can see how the Botox is settling. Not every individual is the same, and in some cases, your injector might want to tweak your look by relaxing another set of muscles.

Or, you might decide the dosage was a little high, and that you want to scale back for next time. This kind of dosage tweaking is totally normal. It’s kind of like finding a new hairdresser: it might take a couple of tries to nail your perfect look, but once you do, you’re inseparable.

The effect of Botox usually wears off between 3 and 4 months. You know it’s time to come back when you see a lot of movement returning. Avoid waiting until you see wrinkles returning, as we want to make sure we prevent their future formation.

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