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What It’s Like to Attend Our Events

woman giving peel treatment, sparkling water poured into glassNot to brag, but (ok yes, to brag a little) we know how to throw an event. It’s no secret that we love what we do, and hosting fun events for our patients and clients is one way we like to show our appreciation. We’re always looking for new and better perks to offer.

Never attended an event but want to know what it’s like? Luckily, one of our fan favourites, the Valentine’s Glam Event, is coming up soon with multiple dates at both of our locations. We think there’s no better way to learn about the experience than from one of our top attendees, so we asked our event all-star, Lauren, to explain why she keeps coming back for more.

So what was the first event you attended?

I don’t 100% remember, but it was probably a Fall Beauty Event. All I remember is really good treatment discounts and champagne. I was hooked. Then I discovered there are different benefits at each one, so now I basically attend any event I can.

Which event is your favourite?

The Valentine’s Glam Event is my jam. When I don’t have a Valentine’s date I go out with my girlfriends who are in the same situation, which is maybe more fun. And let’s be real, when you go glam and look amazing the best audience is always your friends who recognize all the little things you’ve done to look good, and then they compliment you on every single one of them. When you have a date who appreciates it, that’s a good sign too. But I think Valentine’s Day is an under appreciated girls night out opportunity.

What are you looking forward to at the Valentine’s Glam Event?

I love that it starts with the peel because it really gives you the perfect base for makeup. Sometimes in the winter the weather can be annoying and cause dry or flaky patches on my skin, but the peel treatment takes care of all of those and all the extra fine hairs on my face so I know my foundation is going to look pretty much invisible. And that effect lasts longer than just the day of, so when I do my own makeup later in the week it still looks like a pro did it.

I think at that same first Fall Beauty Event I heard Dr. Lista talk more about how at-home daily skincare can help support your results when you start getting into peels, lasers, and injections. I have definitely found that to be true since upping my skincare game. Since then I’ve brought different boosters into my routine to make sure my results don’t plateau.

That’s another reason I love the Glam Event, because I can stock up on my skincare—which I’d be doing eventually anyways—but now I get all these awesome bonuses with it.

What are your favourite bonuses?

Full size Miracle 10 products, skincare consultations so that I know I’m taking care of what my skin needs, really tasty snacks, and my personal favourite, a sparkling beverage. This year I know there’s also a $100 gift card for non-surgical treatments, which I already have earmarked for my next Botox appointment in April, so that works well for me.

I’m also just one of those girls who likes it when other people do my makeup. I don’t know what it is, but I find it super relaxing. Same thing with haircuts. Anyways, I’m pretty particular about how I want my makeup to look and thankfully the makeup artists are always really patient with me and make sure I leave with the look I want.

I love going out right after the event and Yorkville is such a perfect spot for that. This year my friends and I are going to Planta for dinner (check it out if you haven’t—beautiful décor, excellent biodynamic wine list selected by their sommelier, the menu is all plant-based) and it’s just down the street. There are lots of other great options nearby—we also love Buca Yorkville for a fancy date or the best crudo platter you’ve ever seen; Estia for awesome and authentic Mediterranean meals; and The Oxley for a more casual British gastropub vibe with nice cocktails.

If you have some time in between, there’s lots of good shopping nearby, from Holt’s to Sephora. When you take treating yourself as seriously as I do, you can make a whole day out of it.

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