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Your Pre-Consultation Check List

It might seem a bit odd to prepare for your first consultation with a plastic surgeon, but many patients find that they are a bit nervous during their first introduction and often wished they had written down their questions beforehand or knew more about what to expect from their consult.

The more prepared you are, the more calm you will be, and you’ll get a better sense of what questions you need to ask in order to get the most out of your first in person consultation.

We’ve put together this pre-consultation check list so you can feel super prepared and confident at your very first consult.

Read Our Important Consult Questions Guide!

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start when preparing for your first consultation. We always recommend thinking about the questions that you’d like to ask your plastic surgeon.

To help with this, read through this in-depth guide about important questions to ask in your consult. Feel free to write things down so you don’t forget.

Understand Our Process

Having an idea of what will happen on the day of your consultation will help shake any pre-consult jitters. Some patients are surprised to feel nervous on the day they meet us. This is totally normal – you’re discussing something that may be very personal and private to you, and having any kind of surgery is a big deal! Nerves are normal.

Here’s what you can expect at your first consultation at The Plastic Surgery Clinic.

You’ll arrive on site, enter the building and meet a member of our First Contact Team at the front. One of our staff members will check you in and take any additional information they may not have collected already, such as your address or height and weight.

While we try to ensure our surgeons are running on time, the reality is that sometimes we can’t always predict how much time a patient will need. Some patients might need a little extra time with the doctor, or a procedure may take longer than we were anticipating.

Once your consultation room is ready a patient coordinator will invite you into the consult room. They’ll confirm some details with you such as the procedure you are here for and other information.

Your surgeon will come in, you’ll have your consultation, after which you’ll be presented with a quote for your procedure.

If you come to our clinic for a breast augmentation consultation, and you know you want to move ahead, you’ll also do sizing with a patient coordinator.

A deposit of $2,500 is required in order to book your surgery. Once your surgery is booked you will be introduced to your surgical coordinator.

Describe Your Concerns and Expected Result

Or better yet, write them down! Make some notes about your overall concerns. Bring in pictures of results that you like and results that you don’t like. “Don’t” pictures can be as helpful in articulating your desired outcome as “wish” pictures.

Understand the Surgical and Recovery Process at the Clinic

You’ll definitely want to know what to expect following your surgery, for instance: How much time off work will you need? How long will you need to wear a surgical garment for? How long will you need a caregiver for?

Check out our Post-Op Recovery Guide to find answers to many of these really important questions.

Have You Had a Previous Breast Augmentation?

If you’ve had a previous breast augmentation elsewhere and are looking for a revision surgery at our clinic, then we will need your implant card. You can obtain this from the office of your previous plastic surgeon.

Check Your BMI

Safety is paramount at The Plastic Surgery Clinic. Some individuals are surprised to hear that a patient’s BMI (body mass index) plays a role in achieving a safe and problem-free surgical result.

To ensure the best outcome for all our patients, we advise that your BMI be under 30-35 prior to undergoing your procedure.

There is one exception to this BMI guideline and that is for individuals who have already lost a considerable amount of weight (for example 50-100 lbs+). It’s important to understand that your surgeon may provide you with a goal weight to achieve before scheduling your surgery, again, due to safety concerns.

The target weight that your surgeon has advised you to reach is to ensure that your BMI is lowered enough that you can safely proceed with surgery with a lowered possibility of complication.

A high BMI can bring about dangerous complications such as infection, poor wound healing, difficulty breathing, blood clots, pulmonary embolism, and a longer recovery time. You can learn more about BMI policy at our clinic here.

If you aren’t sure what your BMI is, you can access this BMI calculator

And of course if you have questions about your BMI or anything else relating to your surgery, we are here to answer them. No question or concern is too small to bring up with us.

Understanding Your Financing Options

The majority of cosmetic procedures are considered to be elective and are therefore not covered by provincial health plans such as OHIP.

There is one exception with breast reduction surgery. If a patient is a D cup and has physical complaints of back and shoulder pain, then we always put an application into OHIP. In this case OHIP typically approves the reduction portion of the operation. We can perform OHIP approved breast reductions at the clinic.

Keep in mind that many breast reduction surgeries are often combined with liposuction. The liposuction portion of the surgery would not be covered by OHIP.

At The Plastic Surgery Clinic we take payment by cheque, cash, credit card, debit card, online banking, and certified cheque. You can also make a payment through our online payment portal.

You also have the option of financing your procedure. You can learn more about your financing options here.

Do You Have an Ideal Timeline for When You Want Your Procedure Done?

If so, share these details with your surgeon and patient coordinator. If we know you have a specific timeline we can try to work that into our scheduling plan.

Keep in mind that when you’re thinking about the timing of your surgery, you’ll need to factor in the amount of time off you’ll need from work, and for recovery overall. These timelines vary depending on the type of surgery you’re having.

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