Dr. Ahmad on the Natural Nose Job Result in NewBeauty
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Dr. Ahmad on the Natural Nose Job Result in NewBeauty

Photo of Dr. Ahmad and NewBeauty artcicle

In an age of body positivity and embracing what makes you stand out, natural-looking rhinoplasties are the most sought after nose surgeries. Modern generations have moved beyond the one-size fits all nose job and recognize there’s no single standard of beauty for noses.

The advancements in rhinoplasty surgery have focused on the technical skills and artistry of crafting a natural looking nose per each individual. As each patient’s facial structure and nose is unique to them, the expectations and outcome should be unlike any other patient. The goal is to create a result that is in balance and proportion with the rest of the patient’s features.

These more individualized rhinoplasties can include both surgical and non-surgical procedures depending on the patient’s goal. Dermal fillers can be used to make a more pronounced nose or add volume, but fillers do wear off eventually and maintenance injections are required to sustain desired results. For a permanent change, the surgical nose job is the way to go.

As a world-renowned expert in rhinoplasty, Dr. Ahmad is frequently featured in academic and popular publications thanks to his insights on nose surgery, which are backed up by years of research and practice. He is currently featured in the fall edition of NewBeauty Magazine in a comprehensive article on rhinoplasty in 2019 that expands on these topics and more.

Find out more about how Dr. Ahmad prioritizes creating a result that looks like it’s always been there by reading the NewBeauty feature, “The New Nose Job.”

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