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3 Common Misconceptions About Mommy Makeover

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By Dr. Frank Lista, MD., FRCSC., Medical Director and Founder, The Plastic Surgery Clinic

We probably field the largest variety of questions when we meet prospective patients who are interested in a mommy makeover procedure. That’s exactly the reason our consultations are always free, since we want you to have the opportunity to ask every question that’s on your mind without feeling any financial pressure.

What I love about interacting with our audience on Instagram and through our blog is having a chance to answer a lot of these frequently asked questions in a more public forum to help those who are interested in a surgery like mommy makeover with their preliminary research.

One of the reasons that this surgery inspires so many questions—and misconceptions—is that it’s not actually a singular procedure in the same way that, say, a breast augmentation is. It can encompass a number of different treatments and each surgery is unique to the patient.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover addresses the concerns that some women experience after childbirth and breastfeeding. The women we meet in these consultations are thrilled to have entered motherhood and have encountered a number of dramatic changes in their lives. Some of these changes prove to be unwanted and, once they have finished nursing, these women wish to restore their pre-pregnancy bodies. And in some cases, they’ve waited to add a few extra finishing touches they’ve always wanted, too.

With a mommy makeover, we can address the most common concerns that result from pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. We combine all of the treatments that will meet your goals into a single operation so that you only have one surgery and one recovery, which is ideal for busy moms. But this brings me to our first major misconception.

Misconception #1: Mommy Makeover is Just Another Name for Tummy Tuck

Nope! Around here, a tummy tuck is a tummy tuck (or maybe an abdominoplasty if you’re feeling formal). Your mommy makeover can include a tummy tuck, and it may include a breast lift, a breast augmentation, liposuction, or scar revision if you’ve delivered via C-section. Some women might also opt for a vaginal tightening treatment if they find their vaginal muscles have weakened and stretched following childbirth.

Tummy tuck is a really common component of this procedure because it is capable of addressing a few different effects of pregnancy. Not only can we remove excess or sagging skin from the abdomen, but we can also tighten the abdominal muscles beneath the skin’s surface.

Misconception #2: You Have to Undergo All of These Procedures

Not at all. Your Mommy Makeover might only include two treatments, or it might include everything listed above. This surgery is so popular because it is perfectly tailored to each individual patient’s desired outcomes. It basically comes made to order just for you.

Misconception #3: Mommy Makeover is Strictly Surgical

It’s totally up to you. Surgical treatments typically have the benefit of producing a more dramatic result, but require a more significant downtime and, though still very low, higher risk of complications. Some women aren’t ready for or interested in some types of surgeries, and some may not be good candidates for all surgical procedures.

You can definitely incorporate non-surgical treatments into your Mommy Makeover. If you want to reduce unwanted pockets of fat, CoolSculpting is an amazing surgery-free option. We also offer the Geneveve non-surgical vaginal tightening treatment, which not only improves vaginal laxity, but can also help with urinary incontinence.

You can also bundle skin treatments and injections with your non-surgical appointments and get everything you want. Basically, you make all the rules—you’re Mom after all.

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