Everything to Know About Medical Grade Skincare & Skin Treatments
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Medical Grade Skincare & Skin Treatments

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It’s no secret that we love what we do. And while we’re probably best known for the totally natural looking surgical results we achieve, surgery isn’t our only specialty. Today we’re focusing on our approach to medical grade skincare and skin treatments, which can achieve transformative results and also serve as the foundation to creating a natural, glowing look with or without makeup.

All About MD Beauty Clinic

Some of you may or may not already know that The Plastic Surgery Clinic rebranded the non-surgical part of our practice as MD Beauty Clinic this past fall. So what does that mean exactly? Well it really just means that the non-surgical side of our practice – non-surgical, meaning things like peel treatments, dermal fillers, Botox, dermaplaning, IPL laser treatments, pretty much all your non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments – it all just looks a little different, and we think pretty amazing.

We were excited about the re-branding of our non-surgical practice because primarily we wanted to better represent who our patients really are. And guess what—they’re just real people going about their days just like any one of us. This is not to say that our Plastic Surgery Clinic patients aren’t just real people. You are totally in the same boat! We see you. Actually, we see you so well we re-branded just for you!

It’s just that many of our patients who regularly get skin rejuvenation treatments felt like these treatments didn’t really belong under the umbrella of “plastic surgery” anymore, and we totally get that. And many of our patients who have had both surgical and non-surgical procedures with us also considered the two to be totally different things.

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments, especially treatments like Botox, have become so widespread and thankfully accepted that those of us who get Botox or fillers and other skin rejuvenating treatments don’t have to hide it. It’s a totally casual, everyday beauty treatment. We can talk about it openly if we feel like it, just like we do about mani-pedis and haircuts. 

And with MD Beauty Clinic we wanted to do just that. We wanted to show that it’s not some niche group that gets lip fillers, for example. That’s why every single one of the models on our MD Beauty Clinic website is a real person that we know. They are moms and dads, trainers, doctors, artists, writers, staff… you know, regular people that get treatments at the clinic and/or use Miracle 10 Skincare. They’re friends, family, staff, influencers and clients that we love.

With MD Beauty Clinic our look may have changed, but the super important things have stayed the same. You can still get all your skin rejuvenation treatments done at the same locations either at our Yorkville location in Toronto or at our clinic in Mississauga. Your favourite treatment providers are still your same favourite providers, and we have some fabulous new ones that have joined our team too.

And most importantly everything we do at MD Beauty Clinic is still overseen by our amazing team of doctors—Dr. Lista, Dr. Ahmad and Dr. Austin—which is why our providers have top notch training and why we are always at the forefront of the most cutting edge technologies and techniques, and can deliver the most beautiful and natural looking results safely and effectively.

A Few of Our Favourite Skin Treatments at MD Beauty Clinic

We offer a bunch of great non-surgical skin and body rejuvenating treatments at MD Beauty Clinic, as well as some fabulous skincare and make-up products that do wonders for the skin. These are some of our top favourites that our clients rave about most.

Miracle 10 Skincare

If you haven’t tried our very own Miracle 10 Skincare line yet, please, please do, and not just because we’re telling you to, but because it’s high quality skincare full of active ingredients, without the price tag of some brands, and we really have something for every skin type.

What’s so special about Miracle 10 is that it’s medical grade skincare without actually being a medical product, meaning you don’t need a prescription to use it. Because we have those fancy doctors advising us every step of the way, we make products that actually work.

And it’s not just about anti-aging. Sure, that’s part of it, and we like to arm ourselves with the products that allow us to age beautifully, but if you’ve been dealing with skin ailments like enlarged pores, rosacea, or acne…come see us. We’ll start you on a skincare routine that will minimize the appearance of those concerns in tops 10 weeks, but you’ll start to see results within 10 hours, with even more improvements in 10 days (hence the 10 in Miracle 10).

Our formulations are based on the idea that the skin has the ability to heal itself; it just sometimes needs a little help to start the healing process. And if you don’t believe us, check out our before and after picture gallery. The pictures don’t lie!

If that’s not enough, you might also like to know that all our products are made in Canada, they are not tested on animals, and they’re fragrance and paraben free (although our SPF contains some parabens required to maintain the integrity of the formula).

And if you’re already a fan of Miracle 10 Skincare, we also recently relaunched our body skincare collection, and well, let’s just say if you want your entire body to feel like silk, you know where to find us. Oh, and the Miracle 10 Intensive Hand Repair for these dry, dry, never-ending February days is a must!

The Miracle 10 Chemical Peel Treatment

Our Miracle 10 Facial Peel Treatments are really unique to our brand. We customize all our peel treatments to your skin type and whatever is going on with your skin at this moment in time.

We do a few special things too. We start with applying some great Miracle 10 skincare products to prep your skin and then we follow with a dermaplaning session. If you haven’t heard of dermaplaning before, it’s pretty amazing. It basically removes very fine vellus hair, as well as dead cells and other fragments that may be sitting on the surface of your skin in order to exfoliate the skin and make any products that you apply after way, way, more effective.

Our very own Dr. Lista has been quoted as saying that: “Dermaplaning the skin makes peel treatments more effective, because it allows the solution to penetrate more deeply. In fact, any treatment we provide to the skin after dermaplaning is going to be more effective.”

Doctor’s orders!

So after the dermaplaning session is when we apply the peel so that it takes on its full effect (it feels tingly and active, but not painful) and then we follow it up with a soothing clay mask and a relaxing chill out session while it works its magic. When the mask is done, we finish up with some more wonderful Miracle 10 skincare products that will work best for your skin type.

And voila! 45 minutes in and out, you are done. And the best thing about our peel treatments, besides being super relaxing and making your skin glow, is that they’re not the type of peel treatments that are going to leave you red and raw, so you can come in on your lunch break and go back to work worry free.

IPL Laser Colour Correction Treatment

Lately we are loving this IPL laser treatment. Our skin can take a major beating sometimes. Forget the things that just appear on the skin, like age spots and or the occasional unwanted freckle, but think about sun damage and broken blood vessels, and skin discolouration from acne scarring.

If you have any of this kind of stuff happening, or you want to get rid of red and brown skin imperfections, IPL Laser treatment is pure magic (but the right kind of magic, with science behind it).

In a nutshell, IPL laser treatment breaks down and destroys pigment cells without doing any damage to the skin. Add our expert medical aestheticians and the best equipment to this combo and you have a winning formula to walk out with a renewed complexion that is smooth and even.

These are a few of our favourite things, but there is so much more. So if you haven’t visited us yet, come and hang with us! Treat yourself and your skin. We’d love to meet you and talk more about your best options to achieve the results you want. Trust us, your skin will thank you for it.

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