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All About Excess Skin Removal Surgery

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If you’re someone who’s lost a significant amount of weight or are currently on the weight loss journey, or maybe you’re reading this because you’re ready to kick that weight and are looking for some motivation. Whoever you are in this moment and whatever the reason is for you to want to lose weight, know that here at The Plastic Surgery Clinic we are ROOTING for you and we’ve got your back.

You’ll also know that when it comes to any weight loss, whether it’s 5 or 50 pounds that you’re looking to lose, it can be tough to shed those pounds, and your mind is really focused on that weight and those numbers and staying on track. We know, because we’ve seen so many of our amazing patients do exactly that.

So here you are six months or one year into the future and you were so focused on losing that weight you did not foresee that when you lost the weight that your body would look, well, just not the way you expected. What you may not have been expecting was excess skin after that significant weight loss.

Sure, you might have expected to have some sagging here or there, which you figured could just be tightened with some decent weight training, but maybe not the amounts of excess skin that would make it uncomfortable for you to wear the clothes you want.

It’s really ok though! You did it! You did the really hard part and this is where we step in to help you with the rest.

What is Excess Skin Removal Surgery?

If you’ve gotten this far on your weight loss journey you may have heard or researched about something called excess skin removal surgery. Now, there’s sometimes a little confusion about what excess skin removal surgery is exactly.

First off there are a whole bunch of skin removal surgeries out there, and we’ll try to give you a quick overview of the most common ones here. Secondly though, we want to clarify that skin removal surgery is not just a surgery that removes excess skin.

Excess skin removal procedures remove excess skin, of course, but they also contour and sculpt the body, so that at the end of your surgery, you’ve not only gotten rid of your excess skin but your entire overall appearance has been enhanced; that waistline is proportionate to that curvy bum and those slender thighs.

So here’s just one example of what we mean. We often have patients asking us about the difference between a panniculectomy and a tummy tuck. A panniculectomy is literally just a surgery that removes excess skin, it doesn’t do anything else. It doesn’t sculpt, or contour, reshape or remove excess fat.

After significant weight loss the most common area to find a bunch of excess skin is in the area just below the belly button. This excess skin is also called the pannus and a panniculectomy simply removes the pannus. It’s a procedure that’s often done so that people can wear their clothing more comfortably or avoid things like rashes or infections caused by excess skin.

A tummy tuck, on the other hand, is going to remove excess skin in the area of the abdomen, but also tighten it, and repair any damage that may have been done to the muscles of your abdominal wall (otherwise known as rectus diastasis), revealing a smoother, tighter, firmer abdomen—pretty much the one you were imagining you would have after you lost the weight.

So the take away here is that excess skin removal surgeries are actually body contouring procedures that address not only the excess skin you have after weight loss, but a number of other changes that your body has experienced due to that weight loss.

Types of Excess Skin Removal Surgeries

So here are some excess skin removal surgeries in a nutshell. We just mentioned the tummy tuck, which is a big one.  But there’s also the arm lift, the breast lift, the chest lift for men, the thigh lift, the buttock lift, the back or bra line lift, the lower body lift (or circumferential body lift), and the extended abdominoplasty.

Basically, there is an excess skin removal procedure for every part of the body. We didn’t mention it above, but even a facelift is considered an excess skin removal procedure. In some cases, after significant weight loss we recommend that some patients also undergo a facelift.

You might be asking yourself why you have the word lift after pretty much most of these procedures. Well, let’s take the buttock lift as an example. You can think of the buttock lift as the opposite of a tummy tuck. Basically what your surgeon does is remove excess skin found on your lower back or just above the bum, allowing them to lift the bum so that it sits in the correct position and doesn’t sag, while simultaneously firming and tightening up its appearance and shape.

And this “lift” procedure is pretty much repeated anywhere on the body. It could be your arms or your breasts, it really just depends on your individual goals and needs.

Finally, we just wanted to add a little background on the extended abdominoplasty, because it might be a procedure that you haven’t come across as often.

Here at The Plastic Surgery Clinic in Mississauga our surgeons Dr. Lista, Dr. Ahmad and Dr. Austin have actually helped to develop this procedure. The extended abdominoplasty is actually very cool because it’s a 270-degree lift (as opposed to the lower body lift or circumferential body lift, which is a 360-degree lift). It’s basically a tummy tuck extended ¾ around the back, which achieves a lift of the lateral thigh and buttock, and reshapes and redefines the flank and hip with fewer complications than a lower body lift. Pretty cool! We think so.

How Much Does Excess Skin Removal Surgery Cost?

So how much does excess skin removal surgery cost? Well this is really dependent on the type of excess skin removal surgery that you’re getting, and if you’re getting some sort of combination procedure or not

Which means that the cost of excess skin removal surgery can really vary across Toronto. Here in Mississauga the cost of a breast lift, for example, starts at $8,500, whereas an arm lift typically starts at $7,500.

Generally though, these costs are approximations. We totally understand the need to know exactly how much a surgery will cost you, but everyone’s needs are so different, it’s impossible to give firm quotes without an in person consultation first and an assessment of the surgery or combination procedure that’s going to give you the most amazing result.

Here’s the thing, though: at The Plastic Surgery Clinic we love meeting new patients whether they decide to have surgery or just want to come in and talk and get all the information that they need in order to make the right decision. Our consults are free. There are no strings attached. We just want to help you get to where you want to be.

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