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Inverted Nipple Surgery

inverted nipple correction

I had a patient come in for a consultation the other day who explained to me that she was feeling a bit embarrassed and didn’t usually talk to anyone (even her closest friends) about the reason she had come in to see us. Truth be told, I hear this from more patients than you might expect, and these patients come in for consultations for a wide variety of surgical procedures. For many of us, there are highly sensitive and very private issues that can change our self-perception even if they’re not visible or apparent to the rest of the world. But the way we carry ourselves is very noticeable to those around us, and that’s one area of improvement where I’m so thrilled I get to make a positive contribution.

This patient had come to see me about inverted nipple surgery. Inverted nipples are actually a fairly common condition that affects a lot of women. In fact, almost 2% of women in Canada have inverted nipples in one or both breasts. In some cases the nipple looks flat, while others appear completely inverted, and the condition can interfere with breastfeeding and cause physical discomfort. It can also make women feel self-conscious and experience emotional distress. Such was the case with this patient. She explained to me that she was born with one inverted nipple and only became aware that she was different from other girls in her early teens. She had always felt she had an abnormal, asymmetrical look under her clothes, even though no one else was aware of what was going on. After experiencing pregnancy and finding that breast swelling caused her nipple to “pop out” in the short term, she decided to seek out permanent inverted nipple correction after noticing her disappointment when it reverted to its original state after she stopped breastfeeding.

Some women have experienced inverted nipples since birth while others find they develop during or after puberty. They occur when the nipple does not project normally because the ducts leading to the nipple are overly tight. Instead of extending outward, the nipple is pulled into the surrounding areola. Inverted nipple surgery corrects this condition really easily with a minor procedure that can be performed under local anesthetic. It only requires a tiny 2mm incision to gently release the overly tight ducts, causing the nipple to project normally immediately. A single absorbable stitch is needed to close the incision, which is naturally dissolved by the body in about a week and usually leaves an invisible scar. Inverted nipple surgery recovery is really simple, you can shower again the next day and return to work without requiring downtime.

Not all cosmetic surgery is immediately visible to the outside world. But when you decide to make a change that makes you feel more comfortable in your own skin, well, that’s something that’s going to get you noticed.


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