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3 Essential Facts About Breast Augmentation Surgery

breast implants

Whether you are currently considering breast augmentation surgery, already appreciate life with breast implants, or find that neither of these apply to you personally, there are important and interesting facts about breasts that everyone should know. They might help you maintain a youthful look as you go through life, or they might just give you some entertaining icebreakers for your next social event. In any case, when it comes to breasts, we all tend to want to know more. So what are some key facts?

1. Gravity Isn’t Your Only Adversary – there are a number of environmental factors that can cause breasts to sag or droop. We know that sun exposure can be damaging to the skin, so it comes as no surprise that it also affects collagen and elastin fibers in breast tissue, causing them to sag faster. For some of my breast augmentation patients, this means we might also need to consider a breast lift procedure to mitigate the repercussions of sun exposure. The same goes for the damaging effects of smoking; it can cause harm to cells throughout the body, and your breasts are no exception. If you want to help prevent drooping, limiting sun exposure and refraining from smoking are absolutely essential.

2. Your Chest Gets Wrinkles Too – while we are often aware of the fine lines that appear on the face, it’s true that fine lines and wrinkles can also form between the breasts, usually due to sleeping on your side. Some dermatologists recommend treating these lines with injectable fillers while others suggest laser treatments. For some women, simply changing their sleeping position can prove to be beneficial. This might be a consideration for women interested in breast augmentation surgery since it could be helpful to change these habits before your body is affected by the added weight of breast implants. That being said, different solutions work for different women, and it’s best to bring up any of these concerns with your board certified plastic surgeon during your consultation.

3. There Are Telltale Signs of Oversize Breast Implants – there are some people who make it their business to try to spot when other women have had breast augmentation and there are certain “signs” they look for. I’m not really sure why anyone believes it’s of their concern when another person makes a decision about their body, but that just seems to be the culture we live in. Since our philosophy is all about delivering the most natural results, we know what these signs are and we know how to prevent them – the key is to match the right breast implant size and shape to each individual body. When an implant is too large, it can create a visibly defined 360-degree border around its edge. This can also lead to a wide and unnatural looking gap between the breasts. From a profile view, an oversize implant usually looks just as full on top as it does at the bottom, as opposed to a natural shape that resembles a teardrop. If the implants sit too high, the nipples will point downward, whereas with a natural look the nipple will point forward or even slightly upward.

These are obviously not the only essential facts about breasts, but they’re a good (and interesting) start. If you’re considering breast augmentation surgery, there’s a lot more information I can share with you at your free consultation.


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