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Double Chin Surgery: How to Lose a Double Chin

double chin surgery

It’s a common phenomenon that has happened to many of us. We get a Facebook notification that someone has tagged a photo of us, and as soon as we see the picture, we can’t click “hide from timeline” fast enough. Sometimes it’s just a bad angle or a plain old unflattering photo. But for a number of my patients, it’s a more permanent, nagging concern. There’s something that leaves them feeling unhappy with their appearance, so much so that they might even prefer not to be in photos at all. For some of them, the underlying cause is a sensitive issue they’ve even been teased about in the past, and they come to me with two important questions: what is double chin surgery and will it work for me?

For every patient who wants to know how to get rid of a double chin there is a potentially different solution. The fact of the matter is, people of all ages sometimes notice the formation of a double chin for a number of reasons. Whether it’s a collection of fat that doesn’t respond to diet or exercise, or excess loose skin (sometimes referred to as a “turkey wattle” by particularly unkind commentators) caused by aging, a double chin negatively affects the way some people feel about their appearance. In cases where the double chin is caused by submental fat, chin liposuction can be a really good method to create a more defined jawline, especially around the chin area. Liposuction under the chin can significantly improve the appearance of the neck, making it look longer and giving a more refined profile, which is the end goal of almost all of my patients who are interested in double chin surgery.

For older patients with less skin elasticity who find that their double chin is not caused solely by fat deposits, chin liposuction alone won’t eliminate the problem. In these cases, a neck lift can be performed to remove excess tissue and achieve an excellent result. During our consultation, we can discuss whether or not an anatomic chin implant will help achieve the natural results you’re looking for. If it is a solution that you decide is right for you, the implant can also be placed during this kind of procedure, which really helps to restore the jawline and helps tighten the pre-jowl area in some patients.

Patients often tell me how surprised they are to see that something so small like double chin surgery can create such a big difference in their appearance. Best of all, the result looks more youthful and totally natural. Who knows, it just might help you make the leap from “hide from timeline” to full-fledged selfie artist.


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