One Patient's Experience with the Redensity I Beauty Booster
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One Patient’s Experience with the Redensity I Beauty Booster

The following story was adapted from an in-person interview with one of our patients.

I was a bit nervous to undergo my first beauty booster treatment. I knew that I wanted to do it, but I was worried about how many needles would be used. Would it be painful? And how long would my recovery be? Having had two babies, I know a thing or two about pain and discomfort… and I’m no stranger to injectables — needles generally don’t scare me. That being said, I’ve never had multiple needles injected all over my face.

When you are getting Botox and Juvederm you can see a super tangible result right away (or within a few days/weeks). I was told that with the beauty booster treatment, you experience an overall improvement in skin texture, and quality. So I was a little worried that the discomfort of the treatment wouldn’t be worth the result.

I’m in my early 40s and take pretty good care of my skin. I use Miracle 10 Skincare and have been doing injectables for about two years (Botox and filler). But my skin is really dry, and I have melasma and uneven tone from pregnancy and too many teenage years in the sun (UGH I wish I had listened to my mom).

My amazing medical aesthetician recommended the Beauty Booster with Redensity I to help take care of these concerns. The microneedling would help my skin to produce collagen and elastin while the Rednsity I product (hyaluronic acid + vitamins and minerals) injected via the needles would plump, hydrate and do all this other good stuff. I was told my hyperpigmentation would improve quite a bit.

The day of my treatment, my provider cleansed my skin with Miracle 10. She asked if I wanted any numbing cream and I said no. She said we could always apply it if I felt too much discomfort. The product is injected using a special “gun” that helps to deliver it evenly, with the same amount of pressure and product delivered throughout the treatment.

It didn’t feel like “nothing” but I didn’t feel like I needed any numbing cream either. I did have a girlfriend tell me that she found it quite uncomfortable and she opted for the numbing cream, so everyone is different I guess. The treatment took about 20 minutes and I just listened to a podcast on my phone while it was being done.

Right afterwards I was pretty red and there were bumps all over my face. The redness died down later that night but the bumps stayed for the next day. By Sunday (my treatment was on Friday) the bumps were pretty much gone. I made sure we didn’t have any plans on Friday or Saturday because I was worried about how I would look, but it really wasn’t too bad. Again, I think everyone is probably different, so best to make sure you have some social downtime for a day or two after treatment.

Within a few days I noticed my skin was more hydrated and had a glow to it, these effects continued to improve over a few weeks and months. And now after my 3 treatments are done, my skin looks and feels SO much better. My hyper-pigmentation is lightened A LOT and I need less moisturizer than I normally do. The discomfort and social downtime is definitely worth the result.


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