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Dr. Lista Discusses Liposuction in The Kit

It’s been a long year. This week we marked one year of the pandemic, and as we slowly but surely make our way out of it, many of us are finding ourselves a little altered both in body and mind. At least that’s the feel we’re getting from Leanne Delap’s recent article in The Kit discussing liposuction with Dr. Lista.

People have always found liposuction fascinating, but recently it’s become even more enticing to so many people. Perhaps it’s the time in lockdown, where we had less access to the gym and more time to eat and drink things that might have been outside the norm for us a year earlier, or perhaps it’s the time we’ve had to think about things and obsess about every little detail of our body in the mirror. Whatever the reason, liposuction is on people’s minds, and who better to talk to about liposuction than our very own Dr. Lista.

As much as Dr. Lista and the wonderful surgeons and staff at The Plastic Surgery Clinic are all about making people happy, in The Kit Dr. Lista gives some wise advice for anyone seeking out the surgery and dispels some myths surrounding plastic surgery in general.

Liposuction is amazing for the right candidate, but you need to have realistic expectations. It’s definitely an amazing procedure if you want to eliminate that abdominal bulge or that back fat that bunches around the bra, but Dr. Lista makes it clear that liposuction is not a solution for weight loss. You need to be pretty close to your goal weight. And although it may change how you look, and make you feel great, it won’t change other life problems that you might have. It’s not a magical solution to everything.

Basically, what Dr. Lista is saying is that before considering any kind of surgery, your expectations need to be in check. You may look a little different, but you’ll still be you and you still need to do the work in order to maintain your result by keeping healthy and staying active.

Have questions of your own? Follow Dr. Lista on Instagram where he frequently goes live with other staff at the clinic and answers all your questions about surgery and recovery. And if you’re looking for more detailed information about a procedure you’re considering, come in and talk to him in person. Our consultations are always free.

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