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Dr. Ahmad Presents International Rhinoplasty Lectures

It has been a busy month for our resident rhinoplasty expert, Dr. Jamil Ahmad. After presenting a course on “Raising the Bar in Rhinoplasty” and other lecture topics at the 88th edition of Plastic Surgery: The Meeting in Chicago in early October, Dr. Ahmad traveled to Tehran in late October to join the Iranian Society of Plastic Surgeons. He was one of nine surgeons from around the world invited to speak at the 8th International Congress of Advanced Rhinoplasty where he presented a total of seven lectures, one workshop, one video presentation, and one live surgery.

Thanks his unparalleled and wide-ranging expertise in the field of rhinoplasty, Dr. Ahmad’s lectures covered the following topics:

• Key Concepts in Open Rhinoplasty
• Safe Management of the Nasal Airway
• Aesthetics and Surgical Refinement of the Nasal Base
• For Better or For Worse: Critical Case Analyses
• Understanding the Nose-Chin Relationship
• Approach to the depressor septi nasi muscle
• The Role of Fillers in Rhinoplasty

Dr. Ahmad also performed a live Primary Open Septo-Rhinoplasty to put his extensive knowledge into action and to demonstrate to fellow plastic surgeons the intricate methods he uses that deliver natural looking results. He shared techniques and tips for an effective rhinoplasty approach, enabling other surgeons to see how to maintain step-by-step control of the changes created during surgery in order to achieve predictable results every time. He sent us these behind the scenes photos leading up to the live surgical event (click thumbnails to enlarge):



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