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What is a Mini Tummy Tuck Procedure?

mini abdominoplastySome of the biggest changes we experience effectively become personal milestones we carry with us for the rest of our lives. But for some people, the way the body literally carries those achievements can affect self-esteem and confidence. After weight loss, pregnancy, or even quite simply with aging, many people find that they have loose or excess skin around the tummy. It’s pretty much impossible to treat alone since loose skin doesn’t respond to exercise or diet, and the more we age the more skin elasticity we lose. That’s why a lot of people opt to have a tummy tuck, to remove this loose skin and repair the underlying muscle. For some patients who have loose skin around the midsection, however, a full tummy tuck isn’t completely necessary. For those patients I’d recommend a mini tummy tuck procedure instead.

You might be wondering, what is a mini tummy tuck procedure? For one reason or another, it’s not as well known as the more extensive and more invasive original procedure. A mini tummy tuck is an ideal procedure for achieving a flat, smooth stomach for patients who require a smaller amount of contouring where muscle repair is not required. If the problem area is mostly limited to the lower abdomen (as in the loose skin is exclusively below the belly button) then a mini tummy tuck can create a really excellent result. Everyone’s body is different and so everyone’s body reacts differently to changes. Some women find that the loose skin produced by pregnancy is more limited and only located below the belly button. Other people who lose weight might find the same type of result, and these are the body types that make for ideal mini tummy tuck candidate.

The procedure requires a shorter, horizontal incision in on the lower abdomen and the scar you end up with is similar to what you might see with a C-section. To put it another way, in terms of length it’s about half of the distance between both hipbones and like a regular tummy tuck the scar is hidden from view beneath underwear and even under a bikini. Unlike with a full tummy tuck, the navel is left intact so only one incision is needed. A mini tummy tuck is less invasive, so it requires a shorter surgery and has a shorter recovery time, making it a really attractive option for a lot of people.

But that being said, a mini tummy tuck is never going to be a substitute for a full tummy tuck. If you have loose skin above the belly button, a mini tummy tuck just doesn’t have the ability to address that concern. Similarly, women who have had multiple pregnancies quite often find that the muscles of the abdominal wall have been affected, and this can’t be repaired by a mini tummy tuck alone. While the incision used in a full tummy tuck is considerable, it’s also responsible for creating a considerable outcome. Tummy tuck results are often pretty incredible, and unfortunately the trade off is the required incision.

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