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Volite: Improving Skin Quality through Deep Hydration

photo of a smiling womanWe can’t escape the ageing process, that’s a fact, but we can choose to work with it by giving our skin a little boost. Not everything has to be about preventing ageing, turning back the clock, or even making ourselves look younger, but can be simply about arming ourselves with the necessary tools to make age a welcome friend.

From about the age of 26 (I know, sounds so young, right?) we start to lose moisture in our skin. Tack on our harsh Canadian winters, and what you end up with is a lot of dryness in your face, neck, and hands, and an overall diminished quality of your skin.

If you’ve been arming yourself with a lot of moisturizers and serums, we are excited to tell you about Volite, an innovative new treatment that actually injects moisture into your skin and works to improve your overall skin quality by smoothing out those lines and wrinkles, adding a nice glow, and improving your skin’s overall texture.

How is Volite different from all the other anti-ageing injectables out there?

The anti-ageing treatments already out there are injectables that target a very specific area on your face and work by adding volume to wrinkles and depressions (hence the term filler) that might appear, or work by simply freezing the muscles in your face to keep you from creating more wrinkles.

Volite acts as a skin booster to deeply hydrate the skin all over the face to improve its overall quality by making it smoother and adding elasticity as well as radiance. Because the loss of that volume and plumpness that makes the face look fresh and youthful is primarily due to the loss of hydration, Volite works on those wrinkles, but it also combats overall skin dryness, smooths out the finer lines, and even improves on some acne scarring.

And it is not only effective on the skin on your face, but can also be used to improve the overall skin quality of your neck, décolletage, and hands (dry hands anyone?).

So what is Volite and how does it work?

Volite works by injecting hyaluronic acid into our skin, which is a nutrient that is already naturally present in our bodies, but that diminishes as we age. What is incredible about hyaluronic acid and why it’s always been at the cornerstone of skincare treatments is that it can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water.

While other injectable fillers are aimed at restoring and creating volume in the cheeks, chin, or lips deeply penetrating the skin to lift the targeted area, the goal of Volite is to improve the overall texture of the skin, not to create or restore volume. Volite is inserted via many tiny needles, creating a micro-needling effect, and is administered more superficially than traditional fillers improving your skin’s overall appearance.

Because with Volite the liquid form of hyaluronic acid is injected directly into your skin, your skin immediately receives that much needed hydration and then continues to improve as your body’s natural collagen is stimulated into production. In other words, after one treatment of Volite you can expect an immediate improvement in the overall quality of your skin and these results will last anywhere from 6-9 months.

Like any skin injectable, Volite is administered via the use of very fine needles and contains lidocaine (a built-in anesthetic) so that you feel comfortable throughout the entire procedure. But always make sure that your provider is an expert registered nurse injector as you don’t want just anyone poking at those very delicate areas of your skin.

The procedure is quick and easy and there’s no downtime so you can pop in for a treatment and go on with your day, just with that extra added glow that makes all of us feel so good.

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