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The Pros & Cons of Summer Surgery

cosmetic surgery summerHunting season, baseball season, planting season—there’s a season for everything, isn’t there? So I guess it should come as no surprise that a really common question a lot of people ask is about the best season for plastic surgery. The most straightforward answer is this: the best season to have a plastic surgery procedure is the one that works best for you. Of course, figuring out what that means depends on a few different factors, and that’s the real key.

There are pros and cons to each and every season, depending on the procedure you want to undergo. So let’s talk about where we’re at now that summer is fast approaching and there are a few relevant considerations to think about now. Firstly, the summer time can be a great time for a lot of patients to choose to have surgery because it means vacation time for a lot of people. This can be a great way to feel comfortable with the much needed downtime after surgical procedures to really relax and let your body heal to the best of its abilities. Patients who have this option available really love it because it mean’s they’re not stressing about having to go back to work before they might be ready. Plus, they get to fully recuperate and return to work post-transformation and no one’s the wiser. Of course, you can still flaunt it when you’re back on the job if that’s your thing, too.

Some of our Mommy Makeover patients also find that the summer can be a great time to schedule their surgeries. They don’t have to worry about taking the kids to and from school every day, or in some cases, the children are having fun away at camp or visiting relatives for extended periods of time. Again, this all contributes to an easier healing process, which is really integral to a great result. The flip side is, if you have younger children who are home during the summer and you plan to have a surgery (especially one that incorporates multiple procedures, like the Mommy Makeover does) you’ll need to arrange for alternate child care during the first few weeks after your operation since it’s not in your best interest to be chasing after little ones.

The downsides of summer surgery also have to do with the healing process. If you consider yourself to be a bit of a beach bunny, this might not be the right time for you. Not only can heat exacerbate issues like swelling, but UV exposure can cause scars to become more apparent and change colour; if your scar gets a tan, it tends to keep that tan. Most surgical sites shouldn’t be submerged in water for a number of weeks as they heal, so swimming won’t be an option for a little while. And for patients who want to get a great beach body in time for summer, it’s a bit too late to have your surgery at this time of year. You’ll still be able to enjoy the later summer months, but if your expectation is to be bikini-ready all summer long, you might feel more satisfied to plan your surgery in advance and be ready for next year.

If you’re interested non-surgical procedures like CoolSculpting, dermal fillers and injection treatments, the good news is that summer is just as good a time as any to have them. The bad news is… actually, there’s no bad news. Be sure to continue to use your sunscreen every day (the same goes for every season) to maintain your rejuvenated appearance and to protect yourself against the harmful side effects of sun exposure like melanoma.

So depending on all of these factors, the summer may or may not be the right time for you. But above all, the right time for you will always be when you’re physically and emotionally ready for it.


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