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The Luminous Beauty Event


  • FLARE Acting Beauty Director Wing Sze Tang, Miracle 10 President Ann Marie MacDonald, FLARE Associate Beauty & Managing Editor Caitlin Kenny, and founder/director of The Plastic Surgery Clinic Dr. Frank Lista


Dr. Frank Lista, MD, FRCSC

I hope you were able to join us for the Luminous Beauty event at the Miracle 10 boutique in Yorkville last night because we had such a great time. It’s always so great to see so many familiar faces and to get to meet first-time visitors too. I did my best to say hi to as many people as possible, and if I missed you, I’m sorry – the place was so busy we had a line up down the street!

So what was everyone so excited to line up for? It was a fun free event all about summer beauty. We were happy to be joined by FLARE Magazine’s Acting Beauty Director Wing Sze Tang and Caitlin Kenny, Associate Beauty & Managing Editor, who gave a report on the big beauty trends for the season. They also selected special products from the Miracle 10 collection and shared their editors’ picks with all of our guests. Dirty Blonde Cocktails provided refreshing drinks, which were definitely a big hit on such a hot day, and we all got to enjoy delicious cupcakes and macarons from Le Dolci. Or at least I assume they were delicious since they all disappeared just about as fast as they were served. Check out the photos below to see the beautiful floral arrangements from Convallaria. I overheard people raving about them all night. DJ Filthy Gorgeous from Bellosound kept the mood fun all evening while everyone enjoyed free Miracle 10 facial treatments and make up touch-ups. Plus everyone walked away with a free summer swag bag full of Miracle 10 skincare and other treats.

Wing and Caitlin’s presentation mentioned some key facts that are really worth repeating. They talked about the common misconception that if your foundation or your BB cream contains SPF you don’t need to wear sunscreen. This is a big beauty myth. While the SPF in these products is better than nothing at all, it’s still not strong enough to give you the sun protection you really need. The best advice is to apply sunscreen before you put on your makeup. It not only protects your skin from harmful UV rays that lead to dangerous outcomes like skin cancer, but it also helps slow down the visible signs of aging caused by sun damage. And as Wing and Caitlin described, sunscreen isn’t the greasy, oily mess you might remember from growing up. In fact, Miracle 10 has a sunscreen lotion specially formulated for the face that has a dry-touch finish for easy makeup application. That might just be why it made the list of their Top Picks…

Another important point they brought up was the idea that not all products need to be the newest thing that came out just this very minute in order to be a beauty trend. Some skincare products remain popular because they’re so effective and they’ve proved their worth over the years. This is the case with retinol, which does double duty fighting breakouts and diminishing fine lines. An anti-acne and anti-aging product that works is obviously destined to be a long-term trend, and as Wing and Caitlin mentioned, Miracle 10’s Retinol Treatment 30 really is a miracle product.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss any spectacular events like this one in the future, please remember to scroll down to the bottom of this page to sign up for our newsletter. We have so much fun hosting these things and we really don’t want anyone to miss out. After all, we’re in the business of making people happy.

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