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The Big Trends in Fillers and Injectables for 2016

trends in fillers and injectablesIf there are three words that could sum up trends for fillers and injectables over the past few months, they would be quite obvious to anyone involved in aesthetic medicine: Kylie Jenner’s lips. As with any number of current body and beauty obsessions, the Kardashian family still dominates the public imagination. And while lips were big this year, they weren’t the only trend for injection treatments. Looking ahead to the new year, what non-surgical treatments are we performing at The Plastic Surgery Clinic that we can expect to continue grow in popularity?

Augmented Lips Will Continue to be Big

To be fair, this isn’t a trend that came out of nowhere. Long before patients were bringing photos of Kylie Jenner in to consultations, they were talking about Angelina Jolie’s lips as a source of inspiration. Lip augmentation will always be popular because there are a number of different ways it can be achieved, whether you want a subtle enhancement or a noticeable increase in volume. The formulas used in fillers continue to be improved by manufacturers, which makes them easier to use, more comfortable for patients, and creates a visually pleasing result. This allows advanced injectors to develop new and better injection techniques for great-looking natural results.

To see the full spectrum of these results in the real world, head over to our RN Jenny’s Instagram profile. She frequently updates with real before and after photos of all kinds of non-surgical procedures, fillers and injectables being one of her areas of expertise.

Injection Treatments for Wrinkles: Not Just for Women

While many people assume that skin rejuvenation treatments are only sought out by women, the truth is, the aging process is not gender-specific. Every year we’re seeing more and more men coming in for consultations and injectables (sometimes jokingly referred to as “Brotox”) are no exception. What’s great about these wrinkle-smoothing treatments is that an experienced injector knows how to target and relax specific muscles in the face to create a refreshed, rejuvenated result and they know how to customize a treatment to keep it looking masculine and natural for a male patient.

If current trends continue, these types of treatments will become even more popular with men this year. And really, it makes sense. So many people spend countless hours working out each week to look and feel their best. It’s only natural they would want to put their best face forward as well.

Injectables and Fillers—Not Just for Wrinkles

Another big trend in injectables has to do with their impressive versatility. While they’re most commonly known for helping to smooth out the look of wrinkles and for increasing volume in targeted areas of the face, these injections can actually be used in a number of different ways to achieve all kinds of different results.

For example, injections that target muscle activity—usually used to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet and lines around the forehead and eyes—can also be injected into specific forehead muscles to create a subtle non-surgical brow lift. We also use a similar strategy for patients who want to correct what’s known as a “gummy smile” where the top lip reveals more of the gum line when smiling than the patient desires. By injecting the precise lip muscle that controls this movement, we can create a really natural result. There are even non-cosmetic applications for these treatments, such as reducing excessive sweat and alleviating chronic migraines, and it’s likely injectors everywhere will continue to see an incline in the number of these patients.

Beyond lip augmentation and anti-aging, fillers similarly offer a number of possibilities. Our own Dr. Ahmad has done extensive research on the use of soft tissue fillers for rhinoplasty, otherwise known as non-surgical nose job, which is ideal for patients who want to make subtle changes to the shape of their nose without surgery. We’ve also been seeing an increase in the number of patients interested in fillers to treat bags underneath the eyes. In many cases, skin around the eyes becomes more lax with age, making the small pockets of fat beneath the eye more pronounced. Fillers can increase the volume of surrounding tissues so that eye bags become less pronounced.

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