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How To Get Summer Body Ready

It’s almost SUMMER! Ok, ok, we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves. We know that it’s March and that there is still some snow on the ground, but spring is truly around the corner and then it’s only a matter of weeks until summer. Aahhh, if you close your eyes you can almost feel that warm breeze on your face.

Given our unfortunately long winters here in Canada we tend to think and dream about summer almost from the day that autumn begins, but if you’re someone who’s thinking about having cosmetic surgery or even if you plan to have a non-surgical treatment like CoolSculpting and you want to feel confident showing off your bod, thinking about summer is not just a dream, but a requirement!

What does it mean to get summer body ready? Have a body, be ready for summer 😂 But seriously, there are a few things we hear from patients about wanting to feel their absolute best when the time comes. Now is an essential time to plan ahead when it comes to certain surgical or non-surgical procedures that you’re thinking of getting.

At The Plastic Surgery Clinic as well as at our non-surgical practice MD Beauty Clinic, a lot of our patients like to have their surgeries or non-surgical treatments done in the winter and early spring so that come summer, they feel comfortable in their new look.

We thought it would be useful to put together a guide of our top surgical and non-surgical procedures that we recommend having done well in advance of summer in order to be summer body ready and in full swimsuit mode.

Our Top 3 Surgical Procedures

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Who doesn’t want beautiful breasts in the summer? The summer is the perfect time to show off those new beauties, hello bikinis, cute tanks, those fabulous plunging v-neck dresses are all reasons to have your breast augmentation scheduled during the winter or early spring.

With any surgery you need to be super patient with your recovery and your results. Your post-surgery breasts will look a lot different from the results you’ll have 4 to 6 months following your surgery. With breast augmentation you need to give yourself at least a week for initial recovery, meaning time off work and regular activities.

But then you have to give your breasts time to settle, something we call the “drop and fluff” phenomenon. Immediately following breast augmentation surgery your breasts will be swollen, will sit a little higher than normal, and they will feel tight and maybe even appear smaller than their final outcome.

Eventually they will “drop,” which means your skin will soften and your muscles will relax allowing your implants to drop into their correct positions, and they will “fluff,” which means that your breast implants will fill out within the lower part of your breast just below the nipple, taking on a fuller and softer appearance. Once these two things take place (this should begin around the two week mark) you’ll start to get a better sense of your result.

And the more time you allow for your breasts to settle and soften and the more time you give your incision scars to fade, the more certain you can be that those breasts will be ready for those fabulous summer outfits.

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Now this is the perfect procedure to have before the summer, because just like those fabulous new breasts, there is no better time to show off that newly sculpted butt than the summer (think bikini thongs). And because the BBL procedure harvests fat from other parts of your body and injects it into your buttocks, it means that you get to have fat removed from unwanted areas like your waist or thighs, giving you this amazing contoured and chiseled summer bod.

Ok, but here’s the thing with the Brazilian Butt Lift: you really need to take amazing care of your butt (and we know that sounds a little funny, but it’s super important) in order to ensure your butt looks amazing. So you need to give it that special thing, time, time, time to heal and for the swelling to go down, and you definitely need to stay off your butt, for at least two weeks (no sitting or sleeping on it!).

Last but not least, because the BBL is about injecting fat into key areas of your buttocks you need to give your body time to correctly absorb that fat, meaning that your true BBL results will reveal themselves no sooner than in the weeks and months following your surgery. All this to say, schedule your BBL well in advance of the summer, because you’re going to want to show off that beautiful behind.

The Mommy Makeover Procedure

If you’re thinking about getting a Mommy Makeover, which typically combines a breast augmentation surgery with liposuction and a tummy tuck, you definitely want to schedule this one for winter.

Although the recovery time for a Mommy Makeover is shorter than if you were to have all those surgeries done separately, it’s still a pretty extensive surgery and it’s not uncommon to need on average 4-6 weeks before you return to your regular activities.

But besides that, you will have a considerable about of swelling around your abdomen, possible bruising, and there are certain things like lifting, twisting your abdomen, or using core muscles that you’ll have to stay away from.

The Mommy Makeover also results in a considerable amount of scarring that does fade in time, but it’s something you may not feel super comfortable showing off during the summer months, so you really want to make sure you’ve given yourself plenty of time (six months on average) for those scars to nicely fade into the background.

That said, the Mommy Makeover is an amazing procedure that can change your body and your look dramatically, and we’re pretty sure you’ll be so happy with your results you’ll be doing cartwheels on the beach come summer.

Our Top 3 Non-Surgical Treatments


If you’re more into non-surgical procedures these days, CoolSculpting at MD Beauty Clinic in Toronto could not be a better treatment to get your body into full summer swing mode. Why? CoolSculpting is truly amazing. It freezes unwanted pockets of fat in areas like your abdomen, love handles, buttocks, back, knees, etc., and it eliminates them FOREVER.

BUT, again, you need to give it time to work its magic. The full results of CoolSculpting can take anywhere from 1 to 4 months to become apparent, and it’s not uncommon to treat one area anywhere from 1-3 times with treatments being spaced anywhere from one or more months apart, so if you do the math, you really want to get those CoolSculpting treatments done in deep winter if you want to rid yourself of those love handles before summer comes along.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal. Seems like a pretty simple procedure. And it is. And no one wants to be rid of the need to shave more than in the summer. But laser hair removal is another one of those treatments that you want plan ahead. At MD Beauty Clinic we recommend on average 6 treatments before you start to see a reduction of hair growth, so that can take some time.

And this might not be total common knowledge, but laser related treatments can make the skin more sensitive to the sun and at MD Beauty Clinic we definitely won’t do them on you if you have or are planning on getting a tan. So book in those laser hair removal treatments now!

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL)

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light colour correction is one of those treatments that you literally need to stay out of the sun (for 48 hours) after getting it, and you definitely need to avoid tanning or any tanning sprays, so you may not want to wait until the summer to get this done. At MD Beauty Clinic we actually can’t perform this treatment on you if you have a tan because it risks having adverse effects on your skin pigmentation.

If you’ve got unwanted freckles, or a birthmark you want to get rid of, or if you have sun damage or skin discoloration from acne scarring or aging or from any number of factors, and you want your skin looking even, smooth, and glowing for those beautiful summer days, we highly recommend you book this treatment in now.

If you’re ready to look fabulous for summer fill out our form below for more info on surgical procedures at The Plastic Surgery Clinic and check us out at for non-surgical treatments.

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