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The Best Place for Breast Augmentation Surgery

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It’s no surprise that if you’ve googled plastic surgery Toronto, breast augmentation Toronto or even breast implants Toronto lately, more than one place has popped up. In fact, a ton of places have probably popped up.

Plastic Surgery is a growing industry. Whereas years ago plastic surgery was definitely a taboo subject, we can safely say that today, even if not “accepted” by everyone—there are definitely still some judgey people out there, but they’re probably judgey about most things—plastic surgery has definitely moved away from being considered to be just about vanity towards an industry dedicated to self-care and mental wellness. And rightfully so, because as a medical practice it’s really always been about that.

So having said that, if you’re someone who’s thinking about getting breast augmentation in Toronto, you may be finding it difficult to decide where the best place would be to get it.

Stay Local for Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

Ok, so this might be obvious to most, but there are a ton of people that seek out breast augmentation surgery and other cosmetic procedures outside of Canada. Some do this because they think it’s cheaper, which it very well may be, but then you are most likely trading in surgical experience, advanced medical facilities and know-how for $, which is NEVER a good idea, because it’s surgery, so pretty serious stuff. Some do it because they think the best plastic surgeons for breast augmentation are elsewhere, like in the U.S…. 🙄

Hold up though! Gone are the days where the U.S. is always automatically better than Canada (they never really were, you know)—this is just friendly banter by the way, we ❤️ our American friends. But seriously, we have AMAZING, TOP NOTCH, highly experienced plastic surgeons in Canada, and what’s even better is that we have some of the best breast augmentation plastic surgeons right here in The Six.

But here’s the most important reason to stay local, and we know we’re kind of a broken record when it comes to this. You really want a plastic surgeon to follow you through every step of your breast augmentation procedure, from your first consultation to at least a year post-op. This is so so so important, because not only will you be ensured the best medical care possible, because you’ll be monitored by the surgeon who knows you and your case best, but you will also be giving yourself the best shot at a speedy and full recovery and a beautiful result.

Choose an Experienced Breast Augmentation Surgeon

If you’re going to let someone do surgery on your body, you really want someone who has done it before. And we’re not talking like a few times, or even a hundred times. At The Plastic Surgery Clinic in Mississauga our doctors perform over 400 breast augmentation procedures PER YEAR. That makes our surgeons Dr. Lista, Dr. Ahmad and Dr. Austin, not only some of the most experienced breast augmentation surgeons in Toronto or even Canada, but in the world.

And not only are our surgeons renowned for breast augmentation surgery, they also have done and continue to do a ton of research and writing, publishing peer reviewed articles in scientific journals about new breast augmentation techniques, the safety of breast implants, best incision placements, the benefits of fat transfer and the list goes on. Trust us, at The Plastic Surgery Clinic our docs live and breathe breast augmentation surgery.

Surgical Technique for a Natural Look

Here’s the thing. In your research, if you find the surgeon that has both experience and is up on the most innovative surgical techniques, you’re going to be guaranteed to be walking into the best place for breast augmentation in Toronto and walking out with the most beautiful, natural looking breasts.

Here’s a very cool example to highlight just what we mean when we talk about technique. There are not a lot of places out there that will perform a breast augmentation procedure with a patient in the sitting up position. At The Plastic Surgery Clinic we have a unique operating room table that allows our surgeons to perform breast augmentation with the patient sitting up (don’t worry, you’re still under general anesthesia). Sounds a little weird, but it’s actually an amazing technique.

For our surgeons, the goal and key to any breast augmentation surgery is to give our patients the most natural and beautiful result possible, and one of the ways that we can achieve this is by being able to see what the patient’s new breast implants look like in the sitting up position. Are they symmetrical? Do they sag? Is there enough cleavage in all the right places?

All of these things are best seen in the upright position (the way you live your life, naturally), so our surgeons can make sure that everything is as it should be before they close you up and wake you up.  And this is really just one example out of a handful of fancy techniques that our surgeons have up their sleeves. Come and talk to us and we’ll tell you more!

Choose You

Choose a place that will care for you and about you. “Care” is the third magical component that your surgeon and your plastic surgery clinic should possess. Breast augmentation surgery is not just about your body, or what you physically look like. It’s about YOU. They’re your breasts, they’re a part of who you are and how you present yourself to others, but they also make up a big part of how you feel about yourself. And how you feel about yourself has a huge bearing on your relationships, your mental health, and your general well being.

So yeah, you want a place that is going to care about you. From the first day that you walk through the door and you have your first free consultation, you want to be sure that you have someone that is sitting across from you that will listen to you and understand what your dream breasts look like. You want a place where you’ll be able to feel the difference between saline and cohesive gel implants, and even try them on in a sizer bra so that you can get a sense of what they might feel and look like (yup, we do all that at The Plastic Surgery Clinic).

But you also want a place where you can go back to any time that you need. If you have more questions, more concerns, want to feel those implants again, come on back! Our door is always open and every consultation is always free. You have a right to be as informed as possible about your potential surgery without feeling any financial pressure to commit to a decision.

And you want a place that has your back 24/7 especially after your surgery. You can call us any time, if you’re nervous or unsure about something, just call or come in and see us. And you want a place that won’t forget about you a year after surgery. You want a place that you’ll come back to after a year, and will call you by name and congratulate you on how fabulous you look and how proud they are of you for making it through this transformative journey.

You want a place that cares about you.

Want to come chat with us and find out why so many patients keep choosing us as the best place for breast augmentation? You can contact us by phone or email or simply by filling out the Request for Information below. We’d love to tell you more.

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