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Why We Love Subfascial Breast Augmentation

If you’re someone who’s really up on their breast augmentation news, then you may have heard some rumblings about many reputed plastic surgery clinics having introduced a new breast augmentation technique called subfascial breast augmentation. This new technique refers to the positioning of the breast implants.

To date, the most common techniques that have been used place the implant either under the muscle, often referred to as submuscular placement, or over the muscle, otherwise known as subglandular placement. However, recently many doctors, including our very own board certified plastic surgeons here at The Plastic Surgery Clinic, are placing the implant beneath the fascia, but above the muscle, when they can.

What is the Subfascial Breast Augmentation?

So what’s the fascia exactly? Well it’s a very thin but tough membrane, or layer of tissue, that covers the muscle, and actually gives the muscle its unique shape. When we talk about placing the implant beneath the fascia, we’re actually placing it between the fascia, so the thin layer of tissue, and the muscle, using the fascia’s durability to keep the implant in place and also to give it that extra added layer of protection.

Surgeons have found that placing the implant beneath the fascia gives the implant a more natural appearance within the breast and also prevents some of the issues that can occur when the implant is placed either under or over the muscle.

What are the Benefits of the Subfascial Breast Augmentation?

There are many advantages to the subfascial placement of breast implants, which is why this technique has become so popular amongst surgeons over the past few years. Because the fascia is so durable and envelops the implant, it holds it in place, meaning that there’s no risk of the implant becoming displaced at any point and also creates a really natural movement, giving the breasts a more natural appearance overall.

When the implant is placed beneath the fascia it also allows your surgeon to place the breast implant exactly in the right position from the start, meaning that you don’t have to wait for your breasts to drop or settle into place after your procedure.

One of the favoured benefits of the subfascial placement technique is that because there’s no need to separate the muscle from the ribs to place the implant, any damage that might be done to the muscle is avoided, resulting in a lot less pain and a lot less downtime.


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What are some Alternatives to the Subfascial Breast Augmentation?

Due to all the advantages associated with the subfascial placement of the breast implant, most of the breast augmentations that we perform at The Plastic Surgery Clinic are subfascial. That being said, not everyone is a candidate for this placement, in which case we would still place the breast implant either over or under the muscle, depending on which placement suits your anatomy best.

Over the muscle is what we call a subglandular breast augmentation and this is where the implant is placed above the pectoralis or breast muscle. This a good option if you’re looking for more of a lifted look to your implants, along with more volume. The advantages of a subglandular implant placement is that you also don’t need to wait until your implants settle, and this placement also offers a natural movement of the breast implants.

Under the muscle is the other common technique used in breast augmentation procedures. This is where the placement of the implant is submuscular or beneath the pectoralis or breast muscle. This is often a good option for women who may have a wider chest or very little breast tissue, and is often a technique that is used for women who are having a breast augmentation in combination with a breast lift.

When you come in for your complimentary consultation we’ll be sure to tell you about all the techniques that we use in our breast augmentation surgeries, and will recommend the technique that will give you the most beautiful result.

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