Your Options for Skin Contouring, Tightening & Brightening
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Your Options for Skin Contouring, Tightening & Brightening

Sometimes what your skin wants or needs is some major TLC. This is especially true during the lead up into the winter months and the holiday season. You might be thinking you just want to jazz up your complexion, whether it be for an upcoming event or simply to give your skin that much needed edge against that winter weather that we know will sneak up on us way way too soon.

Whether it’s skin contouring and remodeling that you need, tightening lax skin, or simply brightening the skin to give it that glam glow, we’ve got something lined up for pretty much every skin need.

Skin Contouring

If it’s a little extra added definition that you’re looking for—some contouring around the jawline, for instance, or somewhere else on the body—then we recommend radiofrequency (RF) treatments like Morpheus8 for the face and or body as well as FaceTite. For a less aggressive approach, carefully placed deposits of filler to build volume in certain areas like the chin, cheeks and jaw can also work some facial contouring magic.

Morpheus8 and FaceTite employ RF technology subdermally in order to tighten lax skin by shrinking tissue, reducing stubborn pockets of fat, and to build collagen. The only difference is that Morpheus8 is also a microneedling treatment. It can penetrate the skin deeper than traditional microneedling treatments offering the unique benefit of skin tissue remodelling.

If you’re looking for more aggressive skin contouring options, our surgeons can also discuss options like BodyTite or liposuction with you, or even a combination of both. We’re here to help you figure out the safest treatment plan that will effectively achieve your goals.

Skin Tightening

Skin laxity is super common. Whether you’re dealing with it on the face or the body, it can present as an issue for a number of reasons. It could just be your body changing, muscles weakening over time and collagen diminishing. Or you may have just experienced some weight loss, or maybe you had a baby. Whatever your reason, we have some excellent skin tightening options.

If you’re dealing with skin laxity on the face and are looking for a gentle and relaxing facial, Forma is one of our recent favourites. The Forma Facial is basically a facial that glides RF heat along the surface of the skin offering skin tightening benefits but also improving on the overall quality of the skin.

What we love about Forma is that there’s basically no downtime and can also be a one off treatment if you’re looking for a glam glow before a special event.

Morpheus8 is also an excellent treatment that offers skin tightening as well as contouring and remodelling benefits. It equally uses RF technology only in combination with deep microneedling. It is a great tissue shrinker, mild fat reducer, and major collagen booster, and can be done anywhere on the face or body.

Skin Brightening

For brighter, glowing, and overall healthier looking skin we recommend IPL (Intense Pulse Light therapy). IPL is great at reducing the appearance of age spots or general discolouration of the skin, maybe some sun damage you got from too much sun exposure this summer.

Our other favourite for maintaining healthy and bright skin is our Miracle10 facial peel treatment which is always tailored to your individual skin type and needs. With exfoliation therapy and our special dermaplaning technique, along with a chemical peel application suited to your skin type, this treatment is amazing for deeply cleansing the skin and making your skin bright and happy.

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Our other go-to treatments for skin brightening benefits are PRP (platelet-rich-plasma). PRP is a very natural option for maintaining great skin integrity, as it uses the plasma in your own blood to boost collagen and encourage healthy skin cell turnover. We offer PRP as a micrnoneedling treatment or filler treatment.

And microneedling overall, whether it’s via Morpheus8, PRP, or one of our microneedling beauty boosters with hyaluronic acid (HA), will always leave your skin looking healthier and brighter.

And if you just read all this and one or more of these treatments are speaking to you, you’re in luck because our annual Fall Beauty Event is on now and runs until November 4th. In addition to enjoying 20% off on most of these in-clinic treatments we’ve also got some incredible offers including a major giveaway and other bonus treats that you won’t want to miss.

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