The Perks of Having Your Procedure at The Plastic Surgery Clinic
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The Perks of Having Surgery With Us

staff at The Plastic Surgery Clinic

We are so proud of our team and everything we have accomplished at The Plastic Surgery Clinic. We love the work we do, we love the staff that we work with both inside and outside of the operating room, and we love the patients who trust us to lead the way on their life-changing journeys.

We know that it’s reasons like these that we get to meet so many great people. While we’re not too shy to mention why so many patients choose to have surgery with us—our expertise and experience in performing these procedures helps us achieve amazing, natural-looking results that our patients love—there other benefits to having surgery with us, too.

Free Facial Peel Treatment

One of the perks: a free peel for every patient. Our Miracle 10 Facial Peel is one of our signature non-surgical treatments. In our history, we’ve performed more than 38,000 of them. It is very seriously popular! As a token of appreciation, our patients receive a complimentary peel treatment to be redeemed at their convenience.

The peel helps restore your skin’s natural radiance. It’s essentially an exfoliation therapy treatment that is tailored to your skin type. It might include dermaplaning, which uses the edge of a blade to safely and gently scrape away dead skin cells sitting on the surface of the skin as well as the fine, vellus hairs on the face. More sensitive skin types might have a fruit enzyme scrub instead to gently exfoliate and prep the skin.

The treatment then includes a lactic, glycolic, or salicylic acid peel that briefly sits on the skin’s surface. Worried about looking like Samantha from Sex and the City after her chemical peel? Fear not! Our medical aestheticians know how to evaluate your skin and choose the right type and concentration of acid to give you the most effective result without harming your skin’s surface. It’s designed to be what’s known as a lunchtime treatment, where you can come in on a lunch break and return to work looking fresh and glowy—not red and raw.

Your peel ends with a soothing clay mask and some chill out time in our relaxing treatment room. Then you’re treated to a combo of serums, moisturizers and sunscreen (essential skincare, all care of Miracle 10) and you can head back out into the world. These treatments draw out impurities and damage and leave you with glowing, even, more youthful looking skin. Your face will feel soft and smooth, looking more luminous than ever.

The peel is valued at $150, but it’s our treat for all of our patients.

A $250 Non-Surgical Gift Card

And if you fall in love with the peel experience, we’re happy to treat you to more! You also get a $250 gift card for the non-surgical treatments of your choice. These can be similar skin rejuvenation treatments, like IPL colour correction, radio frequency skin tightening, nano fractional skin resurfacing, microneedling, acne treatments and more.

If you’re curious about injectables, or if you’re already a big fan, your gift card can also be used towards filler or anti-wrinkle injections. Our injectors are highly skilled and expertly trained. They sit in on procedures like facelifts at The Plastic Surgery Clinic to learn more about facial muscular anatomy. It’s a really amazing and rare medical resource.

We also have non-surgical treatments for the body, depending on your concerns. We can treat skin all over the body with treatments like peels, but we also offer procedures like laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, CoolSculpting for non-surgical body contouring and Cellfina to eliminate cellulite.

Those are a lot of treatment options! So many, in fact, that we have a whole other branch of our clinic dedicated to non-surgical treatments, MD Beauty Clinic. Check it out if you want to learn more details.

A Team of Non-Surgical Specialists

Speaking of which, the whole team at MD Beauty Clinic is, in a word, awesome. Thanks to our incredible non-surgical staff, our surgeons are able to focus on surgical procedures and to devote their time to the operating room in order to meet the needs of our many surgical patients.

But they couldn’t do that without our highly skilled team of expert nurse injectors and medical aestheticians managing our injections, skin rejuvenation and body treatments. What’s also great about this for our patients is that, sometimes, in order to achieve a truly incredible result, we put together a holistic treatment plan that combines surgical procedures with non-surgical treatments.

Thanks to our team’s skills and experience, they can help bring your surgeon’s vision to the next level. It’s basically icing on the cake.

24/7 Access After Surgery

On top of those bonuses, there are other benefits for choosing us as your surgical provider. As soon as you leave the clinic after your surgery and your recovery begins, we want you to feel at ease even at home. We make sure to coach you on ways to feel more physically comfortable after your operation, but we know that a big part of feeling comfortable is having your mind at ease, too.

There are a few different ways you can get in touch with us after your surgery if anything comes up, from very commonly asked simple questions, to the rare case of more urgent medical concerns. If it’s during our hours of operation, you can always give us a call. If it’s an evening or weekend, you can email our post-op nurse (another all star we’ll talk more about in a minute) who will always get back to you. She’s super dedicated to patients, so that really does mean weekends too.

We also give you a special phone number for our surgeons that will connect you with them 24/7 just in case anything urgent comes up.

Post-Op Nurse Lori

Have you met Lori (@asknurselori)? She is basically The Plastic Surgery Clinic’s secret weapon. She can cheerlead anyone out of a bad mood recovery day, and boost anyone riding a wave of healing positivity even higher.

She can guide you through all kinds of insider tips for massage after breast augmentation or liposuction, the best ways to take care of and wash incisions, which surgical garments you need to wear and for how long, and how to treat your scar to help it heal beautifully. And just in case you need to hear it again, she’ll remind you that you’ve totally got this.

She is seriously such a wealth of both medical and lifestyle knowledge and she’s going to help you recover like a champ. Unfortunately there is only of one of her on Earth, but very luckily for us, she happens to work at our clinic.

Our COVID-19 Precautions

Safety is paramount to us in everything that we do. Because we are an Integrated Community Health Services Centre that is regularly accredited by the Ministry of Health of the Province of Ontario and the Canadian Association for the Accreditation of Ambulatory Care Facilities, we are required to meet one of the highest safety standards possible—an accomplishment held by few others. We’re really proud of it.

We’re always reviewing published research and studies about ways to create the safest clinic possible, and our COVID-19 precautions have been no exception. We have always had a state of the art HEPA filtration attached to our HVAC system, which filters all of the air circulated in our building. In light of the nature of the novel coronavirus, we’ve added a Surgically Clean Air filter to sterilize the air in our operating system as an added measure.

We’ve instituted a number of other safety protocols for good measure. You can read about everything we’re doing to improve everyone’s safety during the pandemic in our recent blog post about it. And if you have any questions of concerns about an appointment with us, or if you’d still prefer a virtual consultation with one of our surgeons, we’re happy to accommodate that.

Want to experience these perks for yourself? Our consultations are always free. You can book one by filling out the form below, or by contacting us by phone or email. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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