High Resolution Ultrasound for Breast Implant Screening
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High Resolution Ultrasound for Breast Implants

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Over the past decade or two, we’ve really seen some incredible advances in the way that breast implants are manufactured. A very long time ago, it used to be the case that there was a higher risk associated with silicone-filled breast implants. Because of the viscosity of the silicone, if the implant ruptured, it was possible for the silicone to move to other parts of the body.

Thankfully, that’s just not the case anymore. A newer generation of silicone breast implant design led to what is now sometimes referred to as the “gummy bear breast implant.” Why the name? Because the silicone filler acts more like a gummy bear and stays in its original shape and location even if the shell should happen to rupture. It still feels soft and natural, while also offering essential safety measures.

But because the physical integrity of the implant has seen such great improvement, it can be difficult to determine if a breast implant has a rupture, particularly if it’s a small one. This can create a problem because a ruptured implant needs to be replaced.

The FDA recommends for everyone with cohesive gel silicone breast implants to have an MRI screening every 5 years to ensure that they remain totally intact. But studies have shown compliance rates for these recommendations are unfortunately quite low. It can be difficult to book an MRI appointment, wait times are long, and the screening can be expensive—generally around $1,000 in Ontario.

But thankfully, we’re able to offer you a convenient option at our own clinic that’s just as effective and easier to perform. With High Resolution Ultrasound (HRUS), we can achieve the same level of sensitivity as an MRI screening. The FDA has modified their position to say that this new cutting-edge technology is just as effective as an MRI and can therefore be used in its place.

Cost of a High Resolution Ultrasound Breast Implant Exam

So let’s get down to the numbers. You’ve saved up and planned how to pay for the cost of your breast augmentation. But you hadn’t factored in spending another $1,000 every few years for MRI exams. And what would happen if you had concerns about implant rupture between those screenings?

When you have your breast augmentation at The Plastic Surgery Clinic, you will have access to HRUS examinations anytime you want or feel that you might need one. It’s provided to you totally free of charge and is available for life. There are no additional fees added to your surgical fee to cover this service; it’s there for you whenever you want, and it’s on us. If you have a concern, or if you’re worried there might be a problem with your breast implants, book an appointment with us and we’ll find out. It doesn’t take long, it’s comfortable, and it’s easy.

And if we discover a rupture, we can talk to you about your options for breast implant revision surgery.

If you’ve had your breast augmentation surgery elsewhere with a different surgeon, you can still come to us for this kind of thorough screening. However, in these cases, the cost of the exam is $500 and you will be required to pay this fee.

It’s our goal to offer our patients the most state-of-the-art technology available in order to deliver the highest standard of care possible. Come visit us for a free consultation to learn more!

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