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Our Surgeons Win Best Moderators Award for Breast Augmentation Panel

breast augmentation panel awardThe annual meeting of The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) brings together plastic surgeons and industry professionals from around the world to advance the science, art, and safe practice of aesthetic plastic surgery. As ASAPS President Michael C. Edwards MD (pictured in the middle) explains, “dedicated exclusively to aesthetic surgery and cosmetic medicine education, The Aesthetic Meeting has become the gold standard in higher education” featuring “an array of new techniques, key research findings, and helpful information.”

At this year’s edition of The Aesthetic Meeting held in Montreal, Dr. Lista and Dr. Ahmad received the award for Best Panel Moderators. In 2014, they presented a panel on breast augmentation titled “Breast Implants—Shaped vs Round: Can you tell the difference?” Before their presentation, they requested before and after photos of breast augmentation patients from 8 of their colleagues who live in cities across North America. They specifically requested a combination of images of patients who had received round shaped breast implants and others who received anatomic teardrop shaped breast implants. The collection of images was randomized and displayed during their panel presentation.

At the panel, audience members made up of fellow cosmetic surgeons from around the world were given electronic response devices so that they could answer questions in realtime. A breast augmentation before and after photo was displayed onscreen and audience members were asked to identify which type of implant was used—round or teardrop. After displaying the photos of 20 different patients (a balance of 10 with round implants and 10 with teardrop implants), four distinguished plastic surgeons discussed the topic while the results were tabulated. Dr. Lista and Dr. Ahmad then proceeded to show the audience the results of their survey, and the outcome was pretty surprising.

Interestingly, it turned out the surgeons in the audience were unable to distinguish the difference between a round implant and an anatomical implant. They only guessed the correct implant correctly 48% of the time, essentially the same odds as if they had flipped a coin to decide. This would indicate that, even from the point of view of highly experienced surgeons who perform this operation regularly, there’s really no difference in how round breast implants and teardrop breast implants look. Thanks to this significant and surprising finding and to their innovative approach to the panel presentation, Drs. Lista and Ahmad were honoured to receive the best panel moderators award.

While the audience was unable to reliably identify the type of implant used from before and after photos, the shape of breast implant used for breast augmentation plays a very important role in achieving the most natural looking result possible. Dr. Lista explains why in this video.

YouTube video


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