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Will People Notice I’ve Had Plastic Surgery?

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If you’re someone who’s thought a lot about having cosmetic surgery or maybe you’re someone who’s starting to think about it, we bet this is a question you have asked yourself. Will people notice? Will they know?

We’ve all seen and heard all the bad press about actresses and models with botched nose jobs, unfortunate facelifts, and breast augmentations gone wrong, and we know what you’re thinking. Will that be me? Will that happen to me? Will I look worse rather than better? Will people be shocked and not know what to say when they look at me?

The short answer is NOnot if you do your research and get the best plastic surgeon possible to do your surgery.

But before we get into that, let’s clarify something. Some people ask themselves if people will notice they’ve had plastic surgery when they fear that they might look bad, worse, or somehow weird after surgery. But remember that there’s also a whole other side of this question.

A few weeks ago we posted an interview with our very own Dr. Austin who said that he can definitely see a trend moving towards a wider acceptance when it comes to plastic surgery with people being more open about what they’ve had done and why. For many people, plastic surgery can be a life-changing, transformative journey and they feel so good in their new bodies that they want to shout it from the rooftops. If you don’t believe us check out this story about one of our own amazing patients.

So here’s the thing, will people notice? The question is, do you want them to? And it’s totally ok if your answer to that is: no. You might be someone who wants to have plastic surgery but you’d like to keep it private. It may be a transformative journey for you but you may not want to share it with everyone, and that’s totally fair.

Here’s what you need to think about if that is your answer.

First off, if you’re worried about people noticing because you’ve had a surgery gone wrong, the best and only way to counter this fear is to do your research before getting any type of surgery done. Find out who has the most experience and is the absolute BEST in the type of surgery that you are looking to get.

Book a consultation with the surgeon and ask them A LOT of questions. Don’t be shy. How many of these surgeries have they performed? Ask to see before and after pictures. Tell them exactly what you want. Bring in pictures of faces you like, breasts you like, body shapes you strive for. For some surgeries you might even be able to see a simulation of your results.

And if you’re not satisfied with the first surgeon you talk to, don’t feel pressure to stick with them. Get a second opinion, or a third, or fourth one. This is your body, your surgery, your money. And please NEVER try to go budget on this. If you’re thinking about getting cosmetic surgery it means that this is really important to you and you’re looking to invest in your health both physical and mental. Investments can be expensive but they bring back huge returns in the long run.

And here’s some final food for thought. Sometimes whether people will notice or not really depends on the type of surgery you get. There are some surgeries that can appear more obvious than others.

For instance if you have a flat chest and would like to have breast augmentation surgery, significantly larger implants than the current size of your breasts may turn some heads. However, you can also have a breast augmentation surgery that increases the size of your breasts, but with the right implants and in the right surgical hands, actually looks super natural.

There are other types of surgeries that, if done flawlessly, may or may not be visible to others. Rhinoplasty is another one of those tricky surgeries that often people don’t want noticed, but it really depends on whether the change is significant or not. Some people may just need minor corrections to their nose to make it look like what they want. For others, these changes might be more complex, making it so that even if the surgical result is flawless, it might still make a more significant change in your appearance, causing a friend or colleague to notice that there’s something different about you.

But here’s the thing. If you did your homework and the best of the best performed your surgery, and if you don’t want your plastic surgery to be noticed and by some chance it is, or if someone mentions that there’s something different about you, it’s because you look amazing. And it’s not only that you look amazing, it’s that you feel the way you look. And others can feel that too.

The thing about plastic surgery is that it’s not just about how you look outwardly to people, it’s also about how you feel as a whole new you. And if you feel confident, beautiful, happy with who you are, well yeah, people are going to notice.

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