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Non-Surgical Treatments for a Holiday-Ready Look

Woman in holiday party look

It’s the season for gift giving and there is no better present than the confidence that comes with a radiant appearance. The holidays can certainly take a toll with non-stop celebrations and errands, but we’ve got the perfect treatments to help you maintain your holiday glow (or to give your look a little something extra) throughout the season. Here are our top recommended treatments to keep you holiday-ready.

 Hyualuronic Acid injections for lips and facial contours

If you’re looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines and restore volume, injectable fillers are the way to go! Lip fillers will help you achieve the perfect plump pout for your lips, while facial contouring can bring a more dramatic look to the cheeks and chin. As we age, our face loses volume, and this treatment also helps to improve fullness to reduce the look of wrinkles for a refreshed, rejuvenated and natural appearance.

Injection Treatments for wrinkles and brow lift

With a little help from injection treatments for wrinkles you can achieve a refreshed and revitalized look. This treatment helps minimize crow’s feet, frown lines, fine lines, wrinkles and more by treating underlying muscles below the skin’s surface. But beyond reducing the visible signs of aging, they can also be used to create a non-surgical brow lift.

Tear Trough Injections for a well-rested look

We know you’ll be catching up on your beauty rest during the holidays, but maintaining the “well-rested look” afterward is another concern. Treat dark circles under the eyes with the help of tear trough injections. This treatment restores volume in the delicate under eye area, which minimizes the look of dark circles or bags. 

Redensity I with microneedling for a dewy glow

Who doesn’t love a great glow? Redensity I is the latest treatment on the market that restores the appearance of hydration, luminosity, and tone in the skin. This cost-effective revitalizer is designed to treat skin on the face, neck, décolleté and hands. The best part of this treatment? It uses all natural ingredients including hyaluronic acid, amino acids, antioxidants and minerals.

Peel treatments and IPL for hyperpigmentation

There is nothing better than radiant skin! Our facial peels and IPL photo facial treatments will help maintain a natural looking radiance throughout the holidays. Chemical peel treatments draw out impurities and skin damage such as hyperpigmentation for a more youthful and refreshed look. Intense Pulsed Light treatments target damage in the upper layers of skin reducing red and brown tones. Say goodbye to uneven skin tone, discolouration and acne scarring. 

Post-holiday CoolSculpting to treat unwanted bulges

Expect the unexpected this holiday – even unwanted fat. Eliminate those stubborn bulges with the help of CoolSculpting. You can get rid off areas of unwanted fat without surgery or downtime thanks to this revolutionary technology. This treatment is simple, quick and easy and provides clinically proven results.


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