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Your Breast Augmentation Recovery Guide

Breast augmentation recovery

At The Plastic Surgery Clinic, our surgeons perform over 400 breast augmentation procedures per year. Prior to your procedure an in-person consultation is required with your doctor to determine the best options to obtain your goals and expectations. As the journey progresses and you move forward with your procedure, your post op steps are just as important as your consultation and operation. Here are some general recommendations that can help guide you through your recovery process.


Next Day Post Op

First Visit

The day after a breast augmentation procedure, most patients find that their breasts are hard, swollen and high. The implants can sometimes sit at a higher position than you might expect, but this is normal, especially on the first day of recovery. Armpit incisions look wrinkled and thick, making them appear unappealing at first. But don’t worry! Over time the wound will heal and the appearance of the scar will become barely visible.

At The Plastic Surgery Clinic, every patient is given a pain pump for the first 24 hours.  The post op nurse will remove it on the first visit the day after surgery. Pre and post op oral pain and anti-inflammatory medication are given. Patients are required to wear a special garment known as a carmen binder to encourage the implants to settle. The breasts will slowly but surely reposition and settle with time.

During this time we require:

-No bra for a full month

-No heavy lifting, pushing, pulling, or activity of any kind

-You should not leave the house or drive

-You can shower, dress, eat, and go to the washroom

-You are encouraged to use your arms carefully, but shouldn’t do anything outside of self-care

-Remain on your back when you sleep until next visit


One Week Post Op

The Second Visit

Within one week of the procedure, you will be asked to come back for another visit and consult with our post op nurse. In this session, you will be taught how to massage your breasts to encourage the implants to soften and to help minimize the appearance of the scar.

Massaging Implants:

-Advised to massage the breasts 10 times a day for five minutes each, about once an hour.

-This can be performed with or without shirt

Armpits Incision:

-This is to be performed three times a day for five minutes each to minimize scar tissue and general appearance of scar.

-No shaving or deodorant until week two.


-You may leave the house and drive

-You may get groceries and run errands

– but no heavy lifting and absolutely no gym

-You might still have trouble raising your arms over your head but, this is okay and continued massage can help increase mobility

-You may now sleep on your side


Two weeks Post Op

In the second week, the post op nurse ensures that you’re perfecting the massage routine. The implants at this point should be settling and should be much softer. The incisions under armpits are slowly beginning to become less visible. Pain should be minimal and you should feel more comfortable to move around freely.

Progressive Results:

-The carmen binder will be worn at night only at this time

-Still no bra until one month mark

-Still no heavy lifting or intense gym activity of any kind

-Breast massage will continue till the doctor requires you to stop

-Shaving and deodorant is okay at this point

-You must start sleeping on your chest to help continue to soften the breasts

-You will also lie on your chest on a hard floor for ten minutes, once a day, until your doctor advises you to stop


Keep in mind that these are general guidelines that can help make your recovery process as effective as possible. As every patient is different, it’s also important to listen to the specific instructions your doctor gives to you and to follow them closely to help ensure you achieve the best possible result.

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