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Montreal Welcomes Dr. Lista & His Breast Augmentation Expertise


Only 2 days after returning from his invited lectures in Europe, Dr. Lista found himself on a plane once again, but this time his destination was a little closer to home. He was very pleased to be invited to give a presentation at the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons annual meeting, this year held in the beautiful city of Montreal. The CSPS was founded 67 years ago as a way for plastic surgeons from across the country to come together to learn and teach the latest techniques from Canada and around the world; to get to know one another both personally and professionally; and to gain an understanding of the field of plastic surgery through a uniquely Canadian perspective.

Dr. Lista was invited to present a lecture titled “Breast Augmentation: Where Are We Now?” thanks to his status as an internationally-recognized expert in the field of breast augmentation. Throughout his career as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Lista’s many achievements have led to an exceptional level of renown especially in this field. With approximately 400 breast augmentation procedures performed annually, the Plastic Surgery Clinic posts some of the highest surgical numbers in not only Canada but across the world. This high frequency has led to an unparalleled degree of experience, knowledge, and skill, and has been aided by the implementation of state of the art surgical practices like the Keller Funnel implant device, the Pain Relief Pump, the no-touch technique, and more. So many women choose to have breast augmentation performed by Dr. Lista for these reasons, as well as his impeccable track record of achieving natural looking results.

Last year, the editors of the prestigious Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery invited Dr. Lista and Dr. Ahmad to publish a review article on breast augmentation thanks to their extensive experience. Their comprehensive article covers a wide range of crucial clinical research on breast augmentation including: ways to reduce specific complications, like incidences of capsular contracture; the advantages and disadvantages of various surgical approaches, including incision placement and implant location; the advantages and disadvantages of various implant characteristics, including fill, shell surface, and implant shape; and steps to be taken to avoid other complications, such as double capsule and late seroma. The article was peer reviewed and published as part of the American Board of Plastic Surgery’s Maintenance of Competence Program, essentially designating their research required reading for all plastic surgeons. Learn more about Dr. Lista and Dr. Ahmad’s breast augmentation journal article.

Because of Dr. Lista’s experience and authorship, he is often invited to speak at conferences around the world. He is especially gratified to return home to the recognition of his Canadian peers – a fitting event for the lead up to Canada Day.

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