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Meeting the NewBeauty Team


A couple of weeks ago I travelled to Boca Raton, Florida with 3 other members of The Plastic Surgery Clinic and Miracle 10 sales and marketing team. We flew out on Monday on a short trip to meet with the team behind NewBeauty and discuss possible areas of collaboration. We arrived to beautiful sunny weather – a nice bonus after all the flooding and tornado weather we’d been having in Toronto.

Those of you who are not familiar with NewBeauty are in for a pleasant discovery. NewBeauty is arguably North America’s leading authority on beauty, skincare, and cosmetic treatments aimed at improving its readers’ lives by making us feel better about how we look. They publish a fantastic magazine, NewBeauty Magazine, that I read regularly. It’s amazing that as other magazines around the world are facing challenges with relevancy and readership, NewBeauty continues to grow, producing an absolutely amazingly beautiful publication. The editorial team does an incredible job of personally researching all the treatments and products featured. When you read the magazine it’s like talking to a friend; it gives you tips and secrets that you would only otherwise learn from someone you really trust. The graphics are beautiful and the text is packed full of information. It’s the kind of publication that readers will come back to over and over again.

One fantastic feature NewBeauty offers is the TestTube™. For a small annual fee, subscribers not only receive a subscription to the magazine but also, every few months, a “Test Tube” with samples of products that the New Beauty team have reviewed and believe that their readers would find fun to try. New products like the latest nail polish, skincare lines, or cosmetics all find their way into the TestTube. How much fun is that? They also have a NewBeauty App that has been downloaded by 1.5 million users.

The offices are fantastic. A funky, hip place to work with original modern art on the walls, a gym for employees, a spa room where you can book a spa treatment, a free Coke dispenser in the lunch room and….wait for it…an onsite Starbucks, subsidized by the magazine where every drink costs only a dollar.

Now you probably want to work there. But if you’re not ready to move to Florida, then become a part of this exciting and growing community by checking out Trust me… you’ll love it.


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