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Why Women Are Choosing Hips Liposuction

Hips Liposuction for Curves | The Plastic Surgery Clinic Blog

By Dr. Frank Lista, MD., FRCSC., Medical Director and Founder, The Plastic Surgery Clinic

It’s been a busy summer at The Plastic Surgery Clinic. We’ve been fully booked performing surgery and out speaking at medical conferences all around the world, including Italy and Turkey. We’re looking forward to the fall season which somehow happens to be even busier, and one thing I noticed is that we seem to be doing a lot of liposuction.

Liposuction has changed so much since my early days as a plastic surgeon (nearly 35 years ago). Gone are the days of the waif look where we leave hardly a trace of fat: the women we’re meeting today want to define their natural curves and bring them into stronger proportion to the rest of their body. They want to look curvy, strong and sexy. Who doesn’t?

As a result, we’re performing a lot of liposuction that is mostly focused on contouring. We might perform hip liposuction, back liposuction, stomach and thighs or some combination of all of these areas, and most of these women we see say that no matter what, diet and exercise is just not cutting it.

That’s because women tend to retain fat in these areas due to hormonal reasons. What’s great about liposuction is that we can focus on a particular area, like the hips, and remove unwanted fat while still maintaining a beautiful, curvaceous shape (think Beyonce, Shakira, or of course, the Kardashians).

Another huge benefit to liposuction, particularly of the hips and thighs, is that is can bring the rest of your body into a nice proportion. You and your doctor will sit together to determine the shape you are looking for, and you’ll make a plan for how you’ll do that. Another great thing about liposuction is that on the pain and recovery scale, liposuction recovery generally tends to be one of the easier surgeries (although it’s important to remember that everyone is different).

All the surgery we do at The Plastic Surgery Clinic is day surgery, meaning you are in and out the same day. We see you the very next day after your procedure to make sure everything is going OK, and you can call us anytime day or night if you have any kind of concern. We want you to take a week off of work and to use that week to recover: this means no tearing around, no caregiving for other people (big or small) and no over-exerting yourself.

It’s important to note that liposuction surgery is not a cure for cellulite. While it may improve the look of cellulite for some patients, cellulite is a condition having mostly to do with the skin’s structure, and less to do with fat. That’s why even very slim people have cellulite. We do now offer an amazing minimally invasive procedure for treating cellulite, so be sure to get the scoop on Cellfina.

Feel free to further your education by perusing our liposuction photo gallery. A wider array of photos will be made available to you in your complimentary consultation with one of our doctors. Let us know if you have any questions, we’re always here to help.

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