Dr. Lista Guest Editor for Gender Affirmation Surgery Special Issue
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Dr. Lista Guest Editor for Gender Affirmation Surgery Special Issue

aesthetic surgery journal on gender affirmation

The theme of gender affirmation surgery is a topic that is often overlooked and under-discussed, but is an issue that is so important to understanding communities that are marginalized. The more information we have about surgical procedures that pertain to transgender and nonbinary communities, the more capable we are in offering the highest standards of care when it comes to those who are searching for ways to feel more authentically themselves.

That’s why we are so pleased to announce that our very own Dr. Frank Lista is the Guest Editor of an upcoming thematic issue on Aligning Gender & Surgical Options in the prestigious and renowned Aesthetic Surgery Journal. This special issue features articles that compare the differences between gender affirmation surgeries performed on people who choose their preferred gender and those same procedures performed on people who are of the same biological gender.

Experts in the field of gender affirmation surgery have written information-rich articles that explore topics such as female-to-male gender-affirming chest reconstruction surgery; long term outcomes of breast augmentation procedures for transgender women examined in a 20-year study; a primer on nonbinary gender identity for surgeons providing care for trans patients; and a prospective observational study on the parameters and placement of the male nipple-areola complex.

Research and education are an extremely important part of our practice. We believe in depth knowledge in all areas concerning aesthetic surgery allows us to provide the highest level of care for all patients, as well as dignity and respect for all patients. We believe that by conducting and publishing research and by constantly modernizing our approach, we can improve outcomes and quality of care not only for our own patients but for patients everywhere. That’s why we are always very pleased and proud to share new research contributions conducted by our doctors.

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