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The Plastic Surgery Clinic Says Farewell to Nurse Stokes

Diane and the team at a conferemce

Nurse Stokes pictured far right

As our clinic continues to grow, we say goodbye to one of the most valued staff members on our team – Nurse Diane Stokes. After 30 years of working at our clinic as an OR nurse and cosmetic injector, Nurse Stokes has decided to retire and venture off to her next big chapter. Her professionalism, enthusiasm and leadership was most valued and her shining personality will truly be missed. It’s always difficult to say goodbye, especially with the legacy she’s left behind. In honour of her departure, we decided to share our most fond memories of Diane.

“We first met in 1987 when Elizabeth was just a year old. When Dr. Lista bought Dr. Dale Green’s practice we were delighted you agreed to stay on.  Over the years you assumed the role of head nurse but you were also developing a keen interest for non-surgical treatments as a way of improving the health of the skin. Your passion and enthusiasm for new treatments, skincare, injectables and lasers created a devoted following of patients, staff, family and friends. You helped create a standard of patient and clinical care at the Plastic Surgery Clinic that is unparalleled.  We wish you every happiness and success life continues to offer you.  Do know that you will be missed every day.”-Ann Marie MacDonald

“Diane taught me everything I know and motivates me in a way that makes me want to be better.” –Lori Robinson

“To nurse I respect so much. You took me under your wing and taught me to be a nurse that can accomplish anything. To work with her has been a pleasure and a learning experience that I will never forget. Wishing her lots of love and happiness. We’ll miss her greatly.” –Tina

“Diane, such an amazing soul. I wish I could work with you longer. I will miss your smile! I wish you all the health and happiness and the best is yet to come! Lost of love.” -Josie Paradiso

We will miss having Diane with us at the Plastic Surgery Clinic. Over her long career, she has accumulated a vast and in depth knowledge about plastic surgery and nonsurgical treatments that have been a great resource for her coworkers and patients. She has taken care of so many patients and made them feel great about themselves!”-Dr. Jamil Ahmad

“Dear Miss Diane, Not sure where to start other than who am I going to eat licorice with, have my laughs with and confide in? Diane it has been quite the ride with you, you are very special.” –Linda Aiello

“Hey Diane, It has been such a pleasure to work with you. You have been such an incredible support and your insight has been invaluable. You will be so missed. Really, it has been such an hour to work along side you. Love you and miss you” -Rosie Perconti

“Diane…Professionalism beyond… Strong, silent type. She gave her all everyday can put the PSC on the map. Her patients adore her, her co-workers included. It will not be the same without you. Enjoy the next chapter in your life. I can honestly say from my depths of my heart, I will miss you. We all will. Vas con Dios.” –Lisa Mauro Pie

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