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How to Have the Best Plastic Surgery Consultation

How to Have the Best Plastic Surgery Consultation

Before booking any procedure, it’s crucial to do your research. The process can take some time, but is a huge investment to the end results you wish to achieve. With a successful consultation with a certified board plastic surgeon, you get to weigh out your options and to put your mind at ease. Here are a few tips to getting the most out of your consultations.


Prior to any consultation it’s a given to do research. You may want to consider narrowing down a list of top surgeons before making your final decision. Some surgeons have more experience in certain surgical procedures. It’s also great to get more than one opinion.


It’s important to book your consultation ahead of time if you’re considering any sort of procedure in the upcoming months. Don’t be afraid to discuss or note any important details prior to your consultation. It’s also helpful to have someone accompany you for your first visit, as opinions from a trusted friend or family member may be valuable. The person who accompanies should also be the person who is going to care for you during your recovery period.

Meeting the Staff

Your first encounter upon arrival is with the staff. These members are familiar with the surgeon’s style and aesthetic and can assess your needs and answer any questions. The staff can also be your future patient coordinator or nurse assigned to your chart and may be a liaison when your surgeon is not immediately available.

Considering the environment

In addition to meeting the staff, you may want a tour of the facility, in particular where your surgeon performs your procedure. Take mental notes of the cleanliness of the place and if you feel comfortable in the environment.

Asking questions and addressing concerns with the surgeon

The length of a consultation may vary from 15 minutes up to an hour depending on the scenario. When meeting your surgeon, don’t hesitate to ask all of the questions on your mind. This will then determine whether or not the surgeon is someone you wish to consider.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

  • How is the surgery performed?
  • What is the expected length of operation?
  • How often does this surgeon perform this operation, and how many years of experience do they have?
  • What results can you expect, and how long do the results last?
  • Where will scars be located, and how noticeable will they be?
  • Will the scars fade over and how long it will take?
  • What complications may occur?
  • What kind of care will I require?
  • When will I be able to go home?
  • Are any special garments, medications, or diets required during the recovery period?
  • How much pain/swelling/bruising is to be expected?
  • How long does the entire healing process last?
  • How many follow-up visits are necessary?
  • When may I return to exercise/bathing/driving/normal activities/work?


To get a good understanding of the results you could expect from your procedure, you will want to ask the surgeon for before/after pictures of past patients. Discussing your surgeon’s previous results will help you understand each other’s opinions and preferences. The photos will give you an idea of the types of results you can generally expect in this specific surgeon’s hands.

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