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Eterna Face
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Eterna Face


Eterna Face

Twenty years ago, when a patient presented with “the three D’s of aging” (descent, deterioration and deflation), the only real solution we had was facelift surgery (and it really wasn’t great at deterioration, for that we would recommend a skincare regimen). Recent advances in non-surgical anti-aging solutions, however, have led to a dramatic decrease in the number of facelifts we perform every year. Of course we still perform them, and there are lots of cases in which facelift surgery is the best option for the patient, but more often than not, we are recommending non-surgical solutions to not just reverse the signs of aging, but to slow their development.

When we talk about non-surgical solutions, we’re talking about a multi-pronged approach that combines in-clinic skincare treatments (peels, RF, lasers) with injectable treatments like botox and hyaluronic acid filler, as well as an at-home skincare regime. This approach is both restorative – reversing the signs of aging and other skin damage sustained over the years, and preventative: by taking measures to, for example, relax the muscles in the face with Botox, we prevent the look of very strong frown lines that form over time. The same is true of hyaluronic acid injections which can both restore a loss of volume in the face, and prevent the skin’s structure from sagging and looking “hollowed out.”

Some years ago we developed a program called Eterna, which is often used as a kind of non-surgical face lift. It’s true that it is also great as a maintenance program for those looking to achieve their results. To achieve the transformative results this program is known for, we combine a series of 6 Miracle 10 Facial Peels (to combat the skin’s deterioration over time), with 2 syringes of hyaluronic acid filler where it’s needed most, one full session of botox, and a custom combination of in-clinic RF and/or laser treatments to address your skin’s unique needs. Customized to you, the Eterna program yields beautiful results.

Book a complimentary consultation to learn more about this incredible package, designed exclusively for patients of The Plastic Surgery Skincare Clinic.

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