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Eterna Non-Surgical Body Transformation

Eterna Body

It’s no secret that non-surgical treatments at The Plastic Surgery Clinic are growing in popularity every year. When most people hear about this branch of our practice, they usually think of the all-stars: injections for wrinkles, dermal fillers, and other treatments to enhance facial beauty. But the best part of our job is helping people feel amazing about themselves from head to toe, and our non-surgical body treatments are no exception.

We created Eterna Body in order to offer our patients a program that addresses non-surgical body transformation in a comprehensive way. To do this, we knew we needed to take on a few different areas of concern that are common to many patients: stubborn bulges that don’t respond to diet or exercise; dull skin that lacks radiance an has uneven texture; and unwanted hair on different areas of the body.

For stubborn pockets of unwanted fat, we offer our favourite non-surgical game-changer: CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting treatments use the science of controlled cooling to kill unwanted fat cells while you kick back, relax, watch Netflix or check emails. No surgery, no needles, and no downtime are required. Best of all, it creates noticeable and lasting results.

To address the texture and radiance of the skin, we offer a series of our signature Miracle 10 Peel Treatments for body. These non-invasive treatments can be used on the neck, décolleté, or upper arms. A revitalizing exfoliation therapy, peel treatments promote a more efficient turnover of skin cells which helps to draw out impurities and damage, minimizing hyperpigmentation and dullness, and revealing supple, glowing skin.

You’ll also receive a collection of Miracle 10 Body skincare products including Cleanser, Polish, Silk, and Therapy that will continue to boost your results and bring even more clarity and radiance to your body.

To top it all off, you can choose any two treatment areas to target with laser hair removal. Hair growth will often subside in fewer than the 6 treatments included in the Eterna Body plan, and permanent hair reduction is achievable almost any area of the body.

Eterna Body allows us to combine cutting edge technology that delivers scientifically proven results in our clinic alongside take-home treatments that help maintain and amplify results at home. Best of all, it’s an approach that allows us to customize a treatment plan to achieve the best results for your body and your particular goals.

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