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Dr. Ahmad Publishes Two New Rhinoplasty Articles

Soft_Tissue_Fillers_in_Rhinoplasty The latest issue of the reputable Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (PRS) features two articles with contributions from Dr. Ahmad. In one special topic article, Dr. Ahmad and two of his colleagues from the Department of Plastic Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center discuss soft-tissue filler injections for rhinoplasty. Filler injections into the nose have broadened the techniques available to nose reshaping specialists, and while major structural changes still require surgical intervention, fillers offer an excellent method to augment areas or refine irregularities. These often very subtle alterations require meticulous analysis before injection. Dr. Ahmad and his fellow surgical experts discuss how a complete understanding of the anatomy and the key differences between the properties of different types of fillers will affect outcomes. This article can be reviewed here.



Smile_Analysis_in_RhinoplastyThe second article is a discussion of a recent study on surgical methods for improving a plunging nasal tip as it is affected by a particular muscle that extends between the nose and the upper lip. The study looked at the difference between the pre-operative and post-operative appearance of facial features at rest and while smiling. Dr. Ahmad and his colleague, Dr. Rod J. Rodrich, discuss the outcomes of the two surgical approaches analyzed by the study and examine whether or not there is any significant difference in the degree of effect between the two. This discussion article can be reviewed here.

As one of the only Canadian members of the worldwide Rhinoplasty Society, Dr. Ahmad is is a recognized pioneer in the field who continues to publish authoritative, peer-reviewed articles on the subject. He has significantly contributed to a major comprehensive publication on rhinoplasty that will be coming out in March, 2014.

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