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Types of Breast Implants: Low, Medium & High Profile Breast Implants


Choosing the right shape of breast implant is about what you like, but it’s also important to consider what shape suits your anatomy, your personality, and your goals. We can offer you our experience on what suits your body type, but ultimately it comes down to your preference. Some women prefer to enhance their natural shape while others prefer to alter it. Luckily, there are various types of breast implants and we can meet either of these requirements and still make you look incredible.

When we refer to the ‘profile’ of different types of breast implants, we are literally referring to the way it appears from the side. As you can see in the image, a low profile breast implant has a wider footprint (i.e. the surface area in contact with your chest) and doesn’t protrude very much from the side. When this implant is placed it would appear wider from the front and the volume would mostly sit in the lower pole of the breast. From a frontal perspective, a high profile breast implant has a smaller footprint but projects more, in profile, and doesn’t add as much curvature outside of the rib cage. The other major difference is that a high profile breast implant adds more fullness in the upper pole of the breast. To put it more colloquially, they provide the appearance of more cleavage. High profile breast implants have often been described as giving the ‘permanent push-up’ look. Ultimately, the difference in profiles is the 3 dimensional shape of the implant.

types of breast implantsWhen comparing the profiles in the image, it is important to note that these implants are all the same volume. You can have a 350cc low, medium, or high profile implant and each will give you a completely different look. If you prefer a more natural appearance, usually the low to medium profile implants are the go-to choice, but if you are looking for the appearance of volume then high profile may be a better choice. This isn’t a universal truth, however, anatomy plays a role, as well. For example, if a patient is particularly thin framed and doesn’t have a very wide rib cage from the front, I might suggest a high profile implant so that the wideness of a low profile implant doesn’t overwhelm her body from a frontal perspective.

As usual there are many things to consider before having surgery, such as determining the desired size and shape of your breasts. We are here to make that process easier. Our years of experience and thousands of successful surgeries give us a unique and expert perspective to help you make the decisions that are right for you.

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